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Active recreation in Hungary’s pool complexes

Are you bored of quiet sunbathing? Do you long for more active recreation? Visit some of the numerous Hungarian pool complexes and water parks, especially if you are up for not only water slides and adventure pools, but also water sports.

Water parks and pool complexes offer much more than carefree and playful water entertainment. Of course you have the opportunity to enjoy these, but it’s also good to know that in many pool complexes, you can master or practise various water sports at a beginner or advanced level as well.

You don’t need the ocean to surf

You don’t have to travel to the ocean to become a surfer. You can also try this popular sport in the heart of Budapest. The waves put your muscles and concentration to the test on the surfboard, exercising both your body and soul. At the Palatinus Bath in Budapest, surfers can choose from appointments in the early mornings or early evenings to ride the artificial waves of the wave pool in surf classes under supervision. It is then time to relax in the adventure pool or to shift into a higher gear on the slides.


At the Aquaworld Water Park, you have the chance to learn the basics several times a day, and can then surf in 30-minute-long private classes supervised by an instructor in the designated pool. For the rest of the day, you can enjoy the full service range of the spa area and the pool complex, such as the sauna or the slides.


From slides to kayaks

The bath, which awaits visitors with swimming and adventure pools, is located on the west side of Lake Pécs, in Orfű. The water park next to the beach is the home of special adventure slides that raise the adrenaline levels of different age groups. The Orfű Active Water Tourism Centre is found opposite the water park right across the lake, where you can try many water sports such as canoeing, windsurfing or dragon boat racing, and of course, all the equipment you need can be rented.


On the northern shore of Lake Balaton, the Esterházy Beach and Water Park in Balatonfüred awaits its visitors: apart from the pleasant temperature of the lake, the adventure pool, slides, the children’s pool and the playground provide entertainment for the whole family. Fans of water sports have the opportunity to rent pedal boats and kayaks right on the spot.


Conquer the depths

It’s best to start learning the foundations of scuba diving under supervision, in a pool complex, and you can do so at several Hungarian pool centres and water parks. In Budapest, diving classes are available in Aquaworld and the Csillaghegy Árpád Bath, but the Castle Bath in Gyula, the Thermal Spa in Martfű or the Volcano Spa in Celldömölk also await beginners and advanced divers. For those who are ready for open waters, Lake Lupa is an ideal choice.


A diving centre has been established at the top of the island’s “peninsula”, where you can dive as deep as 10 metres to an airplane wreck and other surprise attractions. Lake Lupa has all the combined advantages of water parks and open water beaches. If you want to test your physical skills you can head to the water adventure park with a wide range of water sports available. SUP and wakeboard fans also love the lake on the outskirts of Budapest, which offers you the chance to try special sports such as flyboarding or jetboarding.