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Adventurers’ choice: Castles of Sirok and Diósgyőr

Castles of DiósgyőrDiósgyőrEger region

Mátra and Bükk both have a wealth of activities to offer, which naturally includes castles. No matter which part of the year you intend to visit these places, the castles won’t disappoint: in addition to the fantastic scenery, it’s an adventure in itself just approaching them. Upon reaching the castles, there are always further experiences to enjoy. 

Sirok Castle

As this castle was built on top of an old volcano, the hiking trail to the most significant castle ruin of Mátra also includes steep routes, but it’s well worth the effort, because Sirok Castle is amazing and the panorama from the castle is unrivalled. The fortress, which is located right between the forests of Bükk and Mátra, was carved into an enormous rock. You can explore the mysterious dungeon network created inside the hill of rhyolitic tuff, so you can wander the whole area of the ruin. Its unique feature is the permanent exhibition of Sirok Castle, not displaying the everyday life of the Hungarian border castle soldiers, but instead preserving the memory of the Ottoman castle guards living here at the beginning of the 17th century. 

Diósgyőr Castle

The Gothic fortified castle built in the 14th century stands on the rocky hill next to Creek Szinva, and was called the castle of queens for a long time, because several Hungarian kings gave this castle to their wives as an engagement gift. This is where you will find the biggest cavalry hall of 14th century Central Europe. On Tournament Square next to Diósgyőr Castle, visitors of all ages can find a suitable activity for themselves, as every season has a wealth of activities on offer here. In summer, you can also watch and take part in tournaments and weaponry shows, where the costumed actors and the contemporary props guarantee a trip back in time. 


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