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Amazing wildlife, exciting experiences – the Hortobágy plain awaits you

Hortobágy Debrecen and surroundings

Discover the extraordinary wildlife of the Hortobágy plain and enjoy experiences of a lifetime at the Puszta: go birdwatching, admire majestic cranes, grazing herds of cattle and horses of unsurpassed beauty. By the evening, you’ll be wishing that you could repeat this great day all over again.

When you hear the name Hortobágy, you too will surely think of the Puszta, the endless horizon, and a landscape of sweep-pole wells, herds and flocks. You’ll see all this when you visit, but there are also great family activities to help you discover the ecosystem of the surrounding areas.

Shepherds and horsemen

The wild horses of the wildlife park, the horse show of Mátai Stud’s horse-herders, an unforgettable horse-drawn carriage ride with herds of grey cattle and the virtuoso stunts of the horse-herders await, and don’t miss Hortobágy Equestrian Days in summer, which have been around for half a century.

Bird watching

The Hortobágy plain is a special place, and its birdlife is quite fantastic. Visit Lake Tisza Bird Reserve for an adventurous water tour and a glimpse into the life of the protected heron and cormorant colonies. Take the water nature trail through the reeds, where you can walk along a boardwalk and admire the birdlife of Lake Tisza from a bird-watching hut and lookout tower.

Migration of the cranes

The Hortobágy plain is an ideal resting place for cranes. In October, you’ll be amazed to see thousands of huge, majestic birds flying in orderly rows across the skies above the Puszta. It’s an experience like no other, and one that you will all remember forever.


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