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Among the hills of Mátra and Bükk

LillafüredEger region

Are you always on the go? Do you tend to feel like having a little getaway, no matter if it’s a cold winter’s day or a pleasant afternoon in spring? Head for the Mátra–Bükk Region: you’ll find all sorts of activities from skiing to adventure parks, spectacular castles and wine-paired dinners. 


If you are fond of winter sports, you really shouldn’t miss the Mátraszentistván Ski Park ski resort, where 10 ski slopes put visitors to the test. During the day, you can also sip hot tea or mulled wine, just to protect yourself from the cold weather. For families and beginners, the ideal location will be the ski slope on Kékestető, where you start at a height of 1,014 metres, then slide happily for almost two kilometres. Should you opt for relaxation and some entertainment, navigate to Eger, where wellness activities and heated wine cellars await. In the latter, you will be offered the most delicious Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood wine of Eger). 


If you want to be part of an authentic, traditional Easter celebration, visit Hollókő for the spring holidays. Girls dressed in richly ornamented dresses run on the streets to escape from the boys, who attempt to sprinkle them with water in buckets, and folk music fills the air. Be sure to try delicious home-made strudel and pálinka, offered by the locals during the festivities. In Mezőkövesd, you can immerse yourselves in a colourful festival at the events for “Matyó” Easter: see the Matyó folk costumes in real life, or even try them on. 


When it’s really hot in summer, you’ll be wishing you could be walking in a cooling, shady forest, and connect with nature more closely. Conquer one of the refreshing forests of Mátra, or Lillafüred, and let the beauty of the Szalajka Valley sink in. Next to the Castle of Diósgyőr, which is now being renovated, Tournament Square offers events that will take you back to the Middle Ages. And of course, if you want to drink a glass of Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) Eger welcomes you on the terrace of a trendy wine bar at the end of the day. 


Summer fills us with vibrant energy, so it’s a good idea to channel this into the activities offered by Sástó adventure park. The whole family can have fun here, and then get on the chairlift, and enjoy the spectacular panorama. If Mátra is your destination, bring your bikes too, as it has the most beautiful downhill track in the country. And before you start preparing for the end-of-year season: don’t miss the opportunity to visit a grape harvest. It will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.


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