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Wildwater excursion on Lake Tisza

Debrecen and surroundings

A stone’s throw away from Hortobágy and Debrecen, Lake Tisza and its surroundings, also called ‘Wildwater Land’, will fascinate you with both exhilarating water tours and unique bird colonies.

You can examine the protected egret and heron at the Lake Tisza Bird Reserve, but also take a family tour of the million-litre aquarium system of the Lake Tisza Ecocentre, open year round in Poroszló. Spend some time relaxing at the 7-hectare water playground adventure park or feed a pair of otters. If you’re brave enough, discover Hungary’s second-largest lake on your own without a guide, as part of a GPS-guided boat tour, or even cycle around on two wheels thanks to the local Cycling Centre.


It is no coincidence that anglers are passionate about Lake Tisza, which consists of four territorial units from a nature conservation point of view: the wildly romantic countryside offers a unique fishing opportunity in Hungary, and you can get a fishing licence for just one day. One of the favourite periods for anglers here is pike season in autumn.

‘Wildwater land’ born of the Kisköre Water Reservoir

Everybody wants to know how this magnificent nature conservation area developed. Well, the person responsible for it was Count István Széchenyi, who initiated the regulation of the Tisza River in the second half of the 19th century. The Kisköre Water Stairs were built in 1973, as a result of which the Kisköre Water Reservoir – i.e. Lake Tisza – filled up by the 1990s.



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