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Budapest, a street food paradise

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If you’re in the city centre on foot, or by bike or scooter and you get hungry, finding somewhere to get some tasty food on the go is easy. It's worth following the mouth-watering scents and even standing in line for a snack.

A long walk in the seventh district should be a must, because as well as unique buildings – like the Synagogues in Dohány utca and Rumbach Sebestyén utca, the New York Palace and the market hall on Klauzál tér – you will also find numerous restaurants, cafes and street food places. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Gozsdu-udvar, in the heart of the night-life district, but you’ll be able to find something to chow down on in the early hours near here as well. In this area, which is full of wine bars, cocktail bars and bistros, you’ll find Hungarian, Middle Eastern, American, Italian and Greek flavours.  

Don't go on empty-handed

Kazinczy utca is one of the narrow streets in the Jewish quarter, where Budapest’s ruin pub revolution started about twenty years ago. You can get takeaway food from the selection of local gastro bars hidden in between the small pubs, clubs and classic restaurants. You get buy a hearty soup in a cup to go and sandwiches made from carefully selected ingredients. You will also like the well-seasoned, freshly prepared vegetables and pasta that are available every day. In the Karaván courtyard (18 Kazinczy utca) you can find several street food stalls: a hamburger place, which also has vegan burgers and a hummus bar, as well as Italian and Mexican dishes. You should also taste Hungarian-style chicken nuggets and chimney cake. 

From the Middle East to Rome

You shouldn’t miss Pozsonyi utca and the streets surrounding it in the thirteenth district either. Its proximity to Margaret Island and Szent István Park attracts people who love green spaces in the city, and it’s a part of Budapest where there’s always something good to eat. You can find award-winning ice creams, quality popsicles, traditional strudels, a sugar-free patisserie as well as plenty of places to get breakfast, where you can grab a delicious specialty coffee or chai latte and be on your way. Vegetarians and lovers of Middle Eastern flavours will also find something to their liking. You can get a Roman pizza with a crispy crust and velvety centre or a baguette filled with gourmet cheeses.

Lángos – but where?

Lángos, Hungarians' favourite beach food, which is dough fried in oil, is also available in Budapest. If you check out the big market halls (Fény utca market in Buda, Lehel Csarnok on Váci út or the Great Market Hall on Vámház körút), you will most likely find lángos, this delicious and filling food, which is traditionally topped with garlic, cheese and sour cream. However, there are also some gastro spots in the city centre, on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út and Dob utca, that offer updated versions of lángos.

And here are some more ideas:

If you like walking and you’re looking for a Mediterranean feel, visit the following streets in Budapest, where you will find small shops, outdoor restaurants and street food places: Lövőház utca, Mikszáth Kálmán tér, Kálvin tér, Egyetem tér, Hajós utca, Liszt Ferenc tér, Bartók Béla út, Nehru-part, Római-part.