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Come like kings by boat

Greater Budapest

The Danube Bend, where the mountains and the river meet, is a picturesque sight that would be a shame to miss. Natural beauty, historical monuments and artistic attractions – this is the Danube Bend.

You can start your Danube Bend tour from Budapest by hydrofoil or bike. The first stop should be the charming little town of Szentendre on the banks of the river, which has long been a favourite spot for artists. It is full of galleries, museums, cafes, restaurants and shops selling handicrafts.

Let’s move on

The next stop should be Visegrád, one of the most important settlements of the Hungarian Middle Ages, then the wonderfully situated Esztergom, where the third largest church in Europe is located.

Royal choice

The beauty of the Visegrád citadel can be best seen from the Danube, but if you climb up to the castle you can enjoy the Danube Bend panorama before seeing an exhibition on the building's rich past. A royal parley was held here in 1335, and the Holy Crown and the crown jewels were also kept within the castle’s walls on a number of occasions. The castle history exhibition and the panopticon tell the castle’s story, and you can also see medieval weapons and other military equipment. Don't miss Solomon's Tower, home to knightly tournaments, and the Royal Palace, which was King Matthias' summer residence. 


If you want to go hiking in the area, the picturesque Rám gorge valley and Prédikálószék, which has an amazing view, are great choices. But keep in mind that you’ll need a good pair of hiking shoes in both places. 

The capital of the Danube Bend

In Esztergom, visiting the Basilica is a must. The cathedral of the Hungarian Catholic Church is a masterpiece of classicism and is the largest church in the country. The Esztergom Castle Museum, which is located at the base of the Basilica, takes you back to the time of the kings of the Árpád Dynasty. The most exciting stop on the permanent exhibition is the vaulted Saint Stephen’s hall, which is one of the best-preserved 12th-century living rooms in the castle. Also check out the royal chapel, the castle prison, the imposing knights’ hall and the panorama from the White Tower. 

A famous poet's holiday home

At Esztergom’s highest point, you can visit the house where one of Hungary’s greatest poets, Mihály Babits, and his wife, Sophie Török, spent their summers. The Babits Mihály Memorial House was built in a fantastic location, with a great view of the Basilica. It is also exciting to learn about the artist’s private life and see where he worked and spent his free time. (Check out the opening hours before you visit)

A thousand years of history

Don't forget about Vác, the largest city on the other side of the river, which has lots of Baroque buildings. It is definitely worth a trip to see its lovely main square, imposing cathedral and the promenade along the Danube. 


A little further from the river, the Danube Bend area also includes part of the Börzsöny Hills, where you can discover the sights of the picturesque village of Nagybörzsöny or visit the wonderfully renovated pilgrims’ church in Márianosztra.

Pro tip 1:

If you want to get away from the city for a day or just a few hours, the Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden in the Visegrád Hills a perfect choice. It is not widely known but it has a special microclimate and it has developed into a secret, lush garden. It’s perfect for children, and dogs are also allowed. The 16.5-hectare park is a real specialty. It’s a surprise to find a mini botanical garden in a mountain environment! The garden entrance is located right next to the Ördögmalom Forest Restaurant, where you can have lunch, and if you buy entrance tickets, you can choose from 19 walkways.