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Short rides and long trips: along the Danube on two wheels

The backwater of Mosoni‑DanubeSzigetközGyőr and Pannonhalma

The cycle paths of the area are easy to explore, even for families. Visit the villages of Szigetköz or glide on the EuroVelo 6 cycle route following the Danube.

If you can’t imagine a better weekend outing than a day spent cycling, Győr and the surrounding area won’t disappoint. If you’re after something more relaxing and intimate, head for the country’s largest island, Szigetköz. The well-made cycle paths provide a suitable terrain for cyclists of all ages. The smaller islands, lakes and tiny villages provide a truly romantic backdrop for the tour.

Villages, waters and stories

The villages of Szigetköz are all located close to one another. Rent bikes and discover them all. The ancient fishermen’s village, Ásványráró, the settlement of gold panners of old, the magnificent Baroque castle of Hédervár or the thermal baths at Lipót all await. And of course, don’t miss Szigetköz’s largest town, Mosonmagyaróvár either.

EuroVelo 6 in Hungary

If you’re up for some serious cycling, pedal along the Hungarian section of the EuroVelo 6. The cycle route leads partly along the Danube, so no wonder this is among the continent’s most popular bike paths.

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