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Culinary adventures among the hills – the very best of the Tokaj region

Tokaj and Nyíregyháza

Tasting all the characteristic foods and drinks of the Tokaj wine region will surely lead to an authentic adventure in gastronomy. Let this taste experience be a gift for yourselves. 

Gourmet food dipped in Aszú wine

If you enter an authentic local restaurant, we can guarantee that you will have some Tokaj Aszú as well – not necessarily in bottles. (One of) the reason(s) this valuable liquid is so wonderful is its varied use in gastronomy, due to being sweet, characteristic and mature at the same time. Tokaj Aszú wine goes extremely well with a well-prepared goose liver, and similarly well with yellow fruits and cottage cheese delicacies. Whether you consume it in a gourmet dish or drink it from a glass, it will always impart the luscious tastes coming from the vineyards of Tokaj-Hegyalja. 

Unique sourness

The wine region is not famous solely for the wines, but also for the wine and balsamic vinegars bio-fermented from the wine using an entirely natural process. You can learn more about the carefully preserved and revived vinegar-making culture in Bodrogkeresztúr. As the procedure is based on high quality ingredients, all the taste and smell of the wine is preserved, together with its beneficial properties – alcohol is the only thing that disappears, or more precisely, transforms into acetic acid. If the classic vinegar taste takes you out of your comfort zone, start the introduction with the four per cent Aszú balsamic vinegar. You will be surprised by the intensity of the typical Tokaj wine taste. 

In the land of plums

Your journey is not complete until you try the delicacies made from plums grown in the Szatmár and Bereg region. Be it freshly-made jam, dried plums filled with walnuts or a tasteful “bedded” pálinka, the experience will be unrivalled for your taste buds. Get on your bike, and ride along the Szatmár-Beregi Szilvaút (Szatmár-Bereg Plum Trail) from Penyige to Panyola, where the staff of the tasting houses will welcome you with a warm smile. 


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