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Cycle Around Lake Balaton To Your Heart’s Content!


Have you been dreaming of exploring the Lake Balaton area by bicycle? Whether you are planning a family outing, aiming to complete a serious distance, or simply seeking the classic experience of an adventure on two wheels, Lake Balaton has you covered! 

It is certainly worth discovering the area by bike, as everything is in place for you to have a good time. Whether you are cycling solo, with friends or family around Lake Balaton, no matter how you go about your trip, you are sure to end up with wonderful memories. 

For the more active adventurers

Preparing for some more heavy‑duty cycling, the right choice of terrain and location is paramount. This is not an issue around Lake Balaton! For road bikers this is the perfect location. You can speed along excellent concrete paths, and cover great distances in one go — something to tell about your friends and family afterwards. Make sure to take breaks along the way, as the exquisite food around Balaton is all part of the fun, and you will need the energy for your ride. 

For family cycling

There is no better family activity than enjoying the good weather together in the fresh air. Well, you can squeeze out even more fun by cycling around Lake Balaton, where the pleasant, shady, and wide bike paths allow for a safe and casual ride for you and your loved ones. You can bring your spouse and kids along – even their grandparents! You can also chain together day trips that are easy to plan – these could even make an awesome family challenge! The Balaton Bike 365 app will help you in planning these trips, offering cycling routes available all year round which take the keen bikers to popular tourist attractions. 

For that retro feeling

The sun is bathing you from above. The gentle breeze from Lake Balaton is dancing around your face. You are taking in the landscape's unique fragrance as you are pedalling and savouring the moment. Sounds good, doesn't it? 


For those who want to experience the vibe around the “Hungarian Sea” with the finest homemade treats and a huge chequered blanket packed, all we can say is go for it! You will find countless spots suitable for picnicking along the shore if you wish to enjoy those homemade delights outdoors in beautiful settings.

For the more cautious

Are you not entirely sure that your cycle is up to the challenge of a ride along Balaton? Well, we have great news: the lake side is rife with service stations along the bike routes, and there are also quite several self‑service stations where you can reinflate your tires, find the right tools to quick‑fix that loose handlebar or do any minor maintenance to ensure a smooth journey. You can leave behind your worries of technical problems ruining your bike tour, as no matter what issues arise, there is always a solution almost within arm's reach.


For those who do not have a bike or want to avoid the hassle of taking it with them, renting is also an option. Almost every settlement around Lake Balaton offers quality and affordable bicycles to rent.


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