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Experiences under the starry sky

HortobágyDebrecen and surroundings

Would you like to admire the beautiful, clear night sky? Or greet the twilight in Puszta and wait for the first stars to appear while tasting the traditional food of shepherds? Then head to Hortobágy, where you can also enjoy a variety of evening and night-time experiences.

People have loved to look at the stars since ancient times. Sometimes our ancestors just gazed at the stars, sometimes they made up stories or imagined what life would be like up there.


Are you fascinated by the cosmic distance? Would you like to know more about the stars or just gaze at them in the clear sky without being disturbed? Or perhaps you want to enjoy a nature activity that takes place under the stars? Then Hortobágy could be the ideal place for you, because in the endless Puszta, there is no shortage of experiences under the stars.

See more stars!

A visit to the Hortobágy Park of Stars is a unique experience: there is minimal light pollution, so you can enjoy the sky without any disturbance. Little astronauts and stargazers are guaranteed to love it, but it’s also a great programme for adults.

Shepherds’ Nights in Hortobágy

Do you want to discover how shepherds lived, how they spent their days, how they ended their days and what kind of food they ate? Would you like to learn about their lives, customs, traditions and food as night falls and the moon and stars rise in the sky? Then you will not be disappointed with the Shepherds’ Nights in Hortobágy. Get on the horse-drawn carriage, admire the beauty of the horses galloping in the twilight and enjoy a food tasting event. The atmosphere is set by the stars shining above you.


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