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Festivals around Lake Balaton


If you visit the Balaton area, it’s not just the picturesque landscape and the crystal-clear water you can enjoy. The Balaton Uplands are home to many festivals offering live music and art experiences, and immersing yourself in their colourful world is an amazing experience. 

The festivals in the region put on outstanding attractions and pull in not only local people but visitors from all over the world. They usually come for the three best-known festivals: the lively Balaton Sound, the Valley of the Arts, which offers an all-round artistic experience, and the unique Paloznak Jazzpiknik.

Balaton Sound: the Canaan of electronic music

Balaton Sound is one of the largest electronic music festivals in Central Europe, boasting tens of thousands of visitors every year. The festival in Zamárdi has attracted world-famous DJs and performers who represent the best of electronic music. These include the legendary Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Tiësto, Disclosure and Marshmello. The festival organisers look out for hip-hop fans too, and they also put emphasis on introducing up-and-coming talents. This varied musical palette means everyone can find their own style and enjoy hot summer nights dancing to their favourite artist.


The location of the festival also lends a unique atmosphere to Balaton Sound: In Zamárdi, visitors can enjoy the beach and indulge in various water sports during the day, and when night falls, they can rave in front of the giant stages on the beach. Various thematic locations are usually built into the festival area. These include the chill-out zone, the water stage, and stages with special decorations, making the Sound experience even more unique.

Valley of the Arts: an unrivalled multicultural festival

The history of the Valley of the Arts is like a fairy tale: Erkel Ferenc prize-winning composer István Márta came across the village of Kapolcs by chance, and he was immediately captivated by the picturesque beauty of the area, and decided to buy a watermill there. The purchase ended up falling through, but he managed to buy an old house and became involved in organising the cultural life of the local community. He probably didn’t think at that time that his initiative would turn into a multicultural festival that would become a cult pilgrimage site for art lovers decades later. The most important feature of the Valley of the Arts is its variety and diversity: contemporary art, a host of musical genres, theatre and the world of performances fit well together here. We can safely say that the Valley of the Arts is a place where limitless opportunities of creativity meet and emerge in an amazing form.


The special feature of the Valley of the Arts is that the festival is spread over the surrounding settlements. This means that visitors can explore the scenic landscape and natural beauty while enjoying cultural events and activities in various venues and spaces. This provides a unique experience because each location has its own atmosphere and charm, giving the whole thing the feeling of a summer camp. Another attraction of the Valley of the Arts festival is the active involvement of the audience in the events: visitors can take part in workshops and interactive performances, where they can develop their own creative skills and share the liberating power of creativity with others. 

Paloznak Jazzpiknik: the perfect fusion of pop music and gastronomic experiences

The Paloznak Jazzpiknik attracts pop lovers to the Balaton Uplands with the promise of a magical musical journey. And it is no exaggeration to say that it never disappoints them. When you enter the festival area, you will be captivated by the pulsating power of jazz: while walking along the little roads or driving between the trees, you will hear the cavalcade of human voices and instrumental sounds from afar, and you can experience the indescribable, enchanting atmosphere that pervades the whole place. Because improvisation, rhythms and virtuoso performances create euphoric moments that visitors will remember forever. The festival features a colourful palette of jazz styles, so visitors can experience the elegance of traditional jazz, the energetic beats of bebop and the sensual rhythms of Latin jazz.


The Paloznak Jazzpiknik creates a family atmosphere, where participants can easily meet other jazz fans or the artists themselves. As the event is outdoors it means more direct encounters and interaction with the musicians. This informal atmosphere is also enhanced by the special surroundings of the festival: as the name "jazz picnic" suggests, the combination of gastronomic and cultural pleasures is an important aspect for the festival organisers. So, while listening to jazz music, you should enjoy the delicious food and special drinks: the bars and restaurants offer special local wines from the Balaton area as well as culinary masterpieces, but of course fans of traditional Hungarian and international cuisine can also find their favourites.