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Four experiences around Szeged for nature-loving families

Buffalo reserveMórahalomSzeged region

For active, nature-loving children who are fond of animals, Szeged and the surrounding area are a marvellous destination. The canopy walkway of Makó, the animals at Szeged Zoo, the outstanding bird-life of Lake Fehér (White) and the buffalo reserve in Mórahalom all welcome you.

It’s well worth starting off with the kids, and choosing the Szeged area as a destination, because you’ll be offered a wide variety of nature and animal-related activities here. The only question is: where to start? At the canopy walk of Makó, in Szeged Zoo, at Lake Fehér (White) or the Mórahalom buffalos?

Adventures high above

In case your first stop is the canopy walk and adventure park in Makó, you can jump right into the coolest adventures. Firstly, you can get familiar with the flora and fauna of the floodplain; secondly, the kids will surely want to try the zip line over the River Maros. And why not? It will be great fun. Just don’t forget to apply mosquito and tick repellent first.

Animal experiences at Szeged Zoo

Animal lovers of all ages will want to see the animals no other zoos in Hungary have, so a whole-day visit to Szeged Zoo is a must. With the largest grounds in Hungary, the zoo’s focus is on re-introducing endangered species, but there are also a lot of popular events and the petting zoo guarantees an delightful day for the whole family.

Bird watching

After all the fun in the zoo, why not pay a visit to Lake Fehér (White). 280 bird species nest on this strictly protected area, so bird watching can prove to be an unbelievable experience, not to mention the crane migration in autumn (called “darvadozás”), or a walk along the beautiful Sirály (Seagull) nature trail.

Look into the buffalo’s eyes

Did you know that there is a buffalo reserve in the Szeged region? And that this was the first one in Hungary? Come and get acquainted with these enormous, black creatures in the reserve located at Lake Nagyszéksós on the outskirts of Mórahalom. Guided tours are also available.


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