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Giant onions of Makó: Discovering the buildings designed by Imre Makovecz

Hagymaház (Onion House)MakóSzeged region

When you explore the Szeged region, it’s worth visiting Makó too, and having a look at the Hagymatikum Bath, the Hagymaház (Onion House) or the equally unique Music Pavilion and bus terminal designed by Imre Makovecz.

Have a rest on the main square of Makó at the “onion flower fountain”, and decide what to see first. Fortunately, there are many things to see, thanks to the works of architect Imre Makovecz, who was awarded the Miklós Ybl and Kossuth prizes: you can bathe in the Hagymatikum Bath, take a look at the Hagymaház (Onion House) the Music Pavilion, or the very unusual bus terminal.

The heart of Makó: Hagymaház (Onion House)

Onions are the symbol of Makó, so Imre Makovecz was quite understandably inspired by this vegetable when he built his relationship with the town. His first assignment was the renovation of the Hagymaház (Onion House) built where the onion market hall once stood. Today, the building is a business, cultural and entertainment hub, and attracts the eyes of visitors: the two half-glazed columns will help you identify it from quite a distance.

Dive into Hagymatikum

Referred to as the temple of water and purity by its designer, Hagymatikum Bath is the perfect choice if you wish to relax, swim or experience the sauna. There are 18 indoor and outdoor pools, and 9 saunas. Neuralgia and arthrosis are eased here by natural means, and the bath is great fun for the whole family.

Music Pavilion: the temple of outdoor music

The Music Pavilion with its onion-shaped cupola is one of the last works of the Makovecz oeuvre. Listen to a beautiful summer evening concert here, and find the “sound catcher bird”, which is not only decorative, but also an important tool when adjusting acoustics.

Bus terminal in the form of a grove

The Makó bus terminal is not an ordinary structure either, it really looks like a grove of trees turned to stone. When you depart from here, you will surely be reminiscing on the wonderful experiences and buildings in Makó, and how great it will be to return soon.


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