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Gyula Castle and activities

Gyula CastleGyula Gyula region

When in Gyula, the more than 600 years old Gyula Castle is a must-see. It’s worth taking a little more time than originally planned, because you’re likely to find something interesting to do in the area at almost any time of year, which will make you linger a little longer.

Although many people come to Gyula for the spa, it’s definitely worth adding the 600-year-old Gyula Castle to your list, where you can take an imaginary trip back in time, travelling back up to seven centuries. And at the end of a day full of experiences, you can enjoy a performance at the Castle Theatre or spontaneous joyous music and food tasting at a local festival.

Gyula Castle is just waiting to be discovered

Adults and children alike will enter the gates of the Gothic-style fortress with a glint in their eyes, which is no wonder, as Gyula Castle is not just a symbol of the city, it is so much more. From the very first steps, it invites you to travel back in time: its 24 exhibition halls bring the days of past centuries to life.


It is perfect for children too, the little knights and their dads will be enthralled by the shining armour, while little princesses will be enchanted by the period fashion on display. In the castle courtyard, on Saturdays and during events, falconers fly their birds, hot iron glows in the forge and the boating lake next to the castle gently invites you to enjoy the outdoors.

Castle theatre, festivals, colourful activities

On summer afternoons and evenings, you can even see a theatre performance in the castle, because every summer since 1964, the Gyula Castle Theatre has served as a special and beautiful backdrop for some of the performances.


Do you prefer culinary adventures? Then you won’t be disappointed by the Sausage Festival in Békéscsaba, and in the autumn you should attend the Gyula Pálinka Festival.


If there are no events or festivals on, you still won’t be short of things to do: visit the Erkel Ferenc Memorial House, try the delicious pastries at the Hundred-Year-Old Confectionery, or visit the Great Lutheran Church of Békéscsaba, the largest Lutheran church in Central Europe with a capacity of 3,500.


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