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Hiking in and around Szeged

SzegedSzeged region

There are no hills, valleys or waterfalls anywhere near, yet this town and the surrounding area in the southern part of the Great Plain are an excellent place to hike.

Start your hiking adventure in town and head to the botanical gardens of the University of Szeged. Cross the river on Belvárosi Bridge and enjoy the sight of the huge trees in Erzsébet Park. Then visit the place called ‘Lapos’, a popular recreation area in Szeged on the riverbank of the Tisza, where you can sunbathe in peace.


Water fun

How about discovering the beauty of nature outside the town? Hop into a canoe and paddle down the Csongrád-Csanád county section of the Tisza. The tour is also suitable for beginners as the slowly rolling waves of the river are not dangerous, but the landscape is simply amazing. You can also visit Lake Fehér and the land around it, for this is the largest alkali lake in the country and is specially protected, due to its rich birdlife and flora. Visit the Tisza Valley Museum House where you can learn about local fauna, than walk along the beautiful Sirály educational trail.


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