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In the footsteps of the heroic castle defenders: A walk in the inner city of Eger

Eger Eger region

Although most people associate Eger with the Turkish disaster, the city is much more than a monument to a victorious battle.

With its narrow and winding streets, world-famous wines and wine houses, and its gastronomic delights and festivals, you’ll find yourself in one of Europe’s most sophisticated cities. Take a stroll around the inner city of Eger and discover squares full of sculptures and terraces with outdoor seating. 

From the narrow streets of the city centre, you can access Dobó István Square, the town’s main square. It’s a popular meeting place for locals and often hosts artistic and cultural events. You can also see the statue of the person the square was named after, the famous castle defender, with his sabre drawn. If you visit, don’t forget to take a stroll through the inner arcaded courtyards for a beautiful view. 

You cannot miss the Minorite Church, which is also on Dobó Square and is a baroque building with one of the most beautiful church interiors in Central Europe, and in it you can often hear pleasant and soul-warming music as you enter.

And if you want to spend a romantic afternoon with your partner, head to the Esperanto promenade, where you can enjoy each other’s company in a unique setting, or the Square of Border Castle Soldiers, where you can sit down on the steps for an intimate chat. If you’re feeling hungry, head to a restaurant in the inner city or wine bar to taste some local delicacies. 

Culture lovers will not be bored either, the city is full of interesting museums. For a truly unique experience, visit the exhibition with the only Beatles collection in the East-Central European region, which houses around 2,500 artefacts. If you want to find out what life is like for the visually impaired, visit the Szemfényvesztés exhibition, where you can experience life in total darkness with a guide who is blind or visually impaired. 


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