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Let's celebrate in Tokaj-Hegyalja!

Tokaj and Nyíregyháza

The Tokaj-Hegyalja region has a world-wide reputation for its Tokaj wine, but it has more to offer visitors than just drinks. Whatever time of year you visit, you are sure to find a wine-related event or festival. Join the hustle and bustle.

Music, dance, performances and delicious food with fine wines: this is what Tokaj-Hegyalja offers visitors to this legendary wine region in summer or during harvest time. Let's see the best events.

Cellar-cooled wines in the summer heat

The six-puttony Wine Village of the 27th Tarcal Days will be held on 28 and 29 July. The delicious wines are only for grown-ups, but children will not be bored either: face painting, a bouncy castle, a children's show, pony rides and a lavender playground are just some of the activities on offer. For adults there are concerts, street parties and craft fairs, and if you get hungry or thirsty you can find delicious food and drink in the Street of Flavours and in the Wine Village.


On Saturday 5 August, cellar-cooled Tokaj furmint in spritzer form and lecsó, one of the most popular Hungarian dishes, will be in focus in Tokaj's Cellar Row of Love. You can taste the authentic Hungarian summer food made from paprika and tomatoes based on countless homemade recipes at the lecsó food fair and the cooking competition, while cold drinks are provided in the open cellars, where you can, of course, also talk to the winemakers. In the evening there will be a concert to close the event.

Celebrations of wine and culture

The Bor, Mámor, Bénye (Wine, Delight, Bénye) festival has already gained a reputation: conversations over a glass of Furmint have a unique atmosphere here – and winemakers are also happy to introduce visitors to the secrets of how this noble drink is made. The small village of Erdőbénye is surrounded by nature. The tranquillity is almost palpable here and relaxation is guaranteed. Concerts, literary evenings, music and children's events complement the gastronomic experience in the gardens of Erdőbénye between 10 and 13 August.


The Tolcsva Wine Festival will also take place on the weekend of 11-13 August. This will be the 18th time the festival is being held in this famous village in the historic wine region. The diverse cultural events at the festival, which aims to introduce the wines and producers of Tolcsva, are attracting more and more visitors: in recent years more than ten thousand people have visited the festival. You can enjoy the wonders hidden in cellars during concerts and exhibitions, but of course you can also cheer for the winners of the wine competition.


The Zemplén Festival, held at several locations in the wine region between 11 and 19 August offers even more gastronomic and cultural experiences. From Sátoraljaújhely to Szerencs and from Tokaj to Mád you can enjoy high-quality classical music and jazz concerts, theatre and literary evenings, exhibitions, and family and gastro events. Quality art experiences are accompanied, of course, by a glass of excellent local wine.

Harvest is coming

Between 15 and 17 September, Tállya will host the Kerekdomb Festival, where the local vineyards and wineries are filled with music, literature, theatre evenings and, of course, wine tasting sessions. This jewel in the geometric centre of Europe, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers exciting activities to those who like active recreation: you can join e-bike and rowing tours, you can learn about the local history on guided walks, and afterwards you can enjoy every drop of a glass of delicious, cool wine.


The harvest period is crowned by Hungary's oldest harvest event, the Tokaj-Hegyalja Harvest Days, which has been held since 1932. Between 6 and 8 October, events are organised under the slogan "White wines – colourful culture" for people who are interested in the home of the world-famous Tokaj aszú. Visitors can get an insight into the folk traditions related to the harvest: you can enjoy the harvest parade, the grape collection ceremony of the local mayors and the performances of tradition-preserving groups. Outdoor concerts, street theatre performances, children's activities and a craft fair are also held, while wine tasting, the gastro promenade and winemaking events, where you can learn winemaking tricks and tips, are also a part of the festival that you really shouldn’t miss.