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Let’s get on the water near Budapest

Greater Budapest

Fans of water sports do not have to go very far from the capital to engage in their favourite activity. Both beginners and professional kayakers and wakeboarders all have access to amazing locations in both the capital and its surrounding area.

It’s always a unique experience taking part in water sports, especially on natural bodies of water. Whether you long for a peaceful canoe tour to get away from the noise of the city, want to put your endurance and skills to the test by wakeboarding or opt for the relatively new SUP tour, Budapest and its surroundings offer a wealth of water sports complexes.

Kayaking and canoeing on the Danube

The city looks completely different when you admire it from the water. If you are up for exploring the capital by kayak and canoe from the Danube, you should rent a boat and go on an adventure. The favourite spot of kayakers and canoers is the Béke (Peace) Boathouse on Római-part, where amateurs and pro athletes are equally welcome. In the György Kolonics Water Sports Centre in Csepel, groups of friends can not only rent touring canoes and sea kayaks, but also dragon boats for 10 to 20 people. The BEAC Water Sports Complex operates on the Ráckeve-Danube branch, where it awaits athletes and sportsmen engaging in water sports as team members of sports associations.

Kayaking on the Danube

SUP, the new love

In recent years, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) has become extremely popular in Hungary. Although the SUP board, as its name also shows, was designed to paddle standing up, it can also be used in a kneeling or sitting position, but a complementary seat can be purchased. The beginners’ version allows people who are getting accustomed to SUP to enjoy the sport without falling into the water too often. There are several teams organising tours in Budapest. SUP Budapest runs along the Danube in Budapest, starting from the Római-part. Starting at dawn, the tour allows you to admire the awakening city, an incomparable experience. You can also take a trip to Lupa Island or visit Egyfás Island at the Szentendre-Danube branch during the period of meteor showers in August. As part of the Supremium tours on the Ráckeve-Danube branch, you’ll have the chance to see wildlife up close, and advanced athletes can take classes on rowing techniques. In Taksony, there is a complete little water wonderland to escape from the noise of the city. As part of SUP The Lifestyle tours, you can admire the Parliament at dawn or sunset on the Danube.


Stepping up a gear: wakeboarding and jet skiing

Jet skiing, wakeboarding and water skiing are perfect for those who enjoy higher speeds. Jet skiers can practise on Lake Fundy, just to the south of Gyál, or at Lake Palms Beach Jet Ski, located between Bugyi and Délegyháza. Wakeboarders can put their skills to the test on Lakes Omszk, Lupa or Rukkel in Dunavarsány. As well as wakeboarding and water-skiing, Dunavarsány’s Waterworld Water-ski Club on Jade Beach also offers wake-surfing and wake-skating, and you can even try the fun inflatable donuts and bananas pulled by a motorboat. If you decide to opt for something calmer, you can switch to SUP in most places.