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Local trout and Palóc cuisine in and around Lillafüred

Eger region

Are you looking for a tasty strapachky in a traditional tavern? Are you tempted by the specialities of Palóc cuisine? Or would you like to try the taste of local trout? Get to know the diverse gastronomy of the Mátra-Bükk region and enjoy both good food and wonderful experiences. 

The region is justly famous for its rural hospitality, so don’t be afraid to stop by places from the smallest inns to the largest restaurants, as you’ll get the best in service and food everywhere. 

Delicious local trout

If you’re hiking in the fresh air of the Szalajka Valley in Szilvásvárad and you’re feeling hungry, the crispy fried white-fleshed trout, served with potatoes and pickled cucumber, is a must. There are very few places where you can find trout bred and reared in local waters, but you can taste them around Lillafüred. You can also try it smoked, baked in puff pastry, with lemon mousse or even with crispy kale chips and puffed capers. If you can, choose a delicious Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) from the wine list to complete the taste experience. 

Palóc specialities

You’ll also find the most delicious Palóc dishes in this part of the country. You can choose from and enjoy a wide selection of thickened soups and potato-based dishes. You can have the potatoes in a variety of ways, for example, mashed in the Palóc goulash and grated and baked in Tócsni (potato pancakes). Don’t miss the strapachky with potato noodles either. You’re sure to find something to your taste when it comes to desserts, too, such as the molnárkalács (miller’s sweet bread), Pampushka or “ribbon” doughnuts, which are eaten with jam at carnivals. 


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