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Premium cultural events in a modern environment: MÜPA

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MÜPA, the Palace of the Arts in Budapest, is one of the most modern Hungarian cultural institutions, special because it is a venue that is equally suited to several branches of art at the same time.


Everyone will find something that appeals to them here, since MÜPA has truly enjoyable cultural events in store for all. Don’t miss out if you’re in the Hungarian capital.



MÜPA’s noble goal

MÜPA was created with the noble goal of providing entertainment to the widest of audiences, at the very highest level, of course. We can proclaim that the “mission” was accomplished: MÜPA, which is essentially already an independent brand in itself, hosts performances by leading Hungarian and international artists, and even supports the creation of new works. It presents new trends clearly and also plays a major role in achieving cultural goals.


Browsing through the events calendar, you’re sure to find the perfect MÜPA programme for you.

Müpa and the Rákóczi Bridge

Responding to multi-faceted cultural demand: the construction of MÜPA

The MÜPA institution, which is home to several branches of art, consists of three main units: the middle, central section, occupied by the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, the Ludwig Museum, which presents contemporary exhibitions on the Danube side, and the Festival Theatre in the east wing. In addition, the building houses the rehearsal rooms of the National Philharmonic Orchestra.


Béla Bartók National Concert Hall


There is one thing that is even more fascinating than the sight of the concert hall, which evokes a Gothic cathedral: the acoustics of the space. The conductor of the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra said of the quality of the acoustics (which are the work of Russell Johnson): “I can say that in the 25 years of my membership of the orchestra I have performed in all the famous concert halls with good acoustics in the world. This one ranks highly, even among the best”. What makes the concert hall even more impressive is the massive organ inside it, believed to be one of the largest concert hall organs in the world.


Ludwig Museum


This is one of the few museums in Hungary that collects and displays contemporary works of art only. The museum often creates exciting interactive exhibits and offers a surprisingly interesting visual world to all age groups, in order to meet the changing demands of modern times in an up-to-date fashion. If you hold a ticket to a MÜPA performance, you can visit the exhibitions of the Ludwig Museum once, free of charge, up until the performance date.


Festival Theatre


Like the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, the Festival Theatre, with its harmonically elegant interior, boasts acoustic solutions that put it at the vanguard worldwide. Thanks to this, the theatre is suitable for prose and dance performances, as well as for chamber operas, classical music concerts, jazz programmes, world and popular music productions alike.


It is difficult to put into words the tangible cultural diversity and harmony that welcomes visitors as they enter MÜPA. Watch this short film presenting the Palace of the Arts hall by hall.

Cutting-edge design

Nothing proves the magnificence of the MÜPA building better than the many architectural awards the institution has received. One example is the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award, often referred to as "the Oscars of architecture and real estate”, which MÜPA won in 2005, the year after it was opened. This unique arts complex then went on to win the FIABCI people’s choice award in 2007 as well.

Cultural programmes in abundance

You can be sure of one thing when visiting Budapest: you won’t be bored. The list of attractions is almost endless and there’s plenty of choice if you’re seeking cultural programmes in particular. One example is the National Theatre, located right next to MÜPA, but we heartily recommend visiting the Hungarian State Opera as well.

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