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Nagyerdő, the City Park of Debrecen, the citadel of family recreation

The City Park Water TowerDebrecen Debrecen and surroundings

Debrecen’s Nagyerdő offers a wealth of experiences: it hosts several festivals and other events, but there’s also a thermal bath, a zoo, an amusement park and a botanical garden to explore.

If the name “Great Forest” (Nagyerdő) makes you think of the forest itself, we’re here to help you rethink that. It’s hard to list all the family fun you can have when you visit this place. You can jump into the adventure and thermal baths, take part in a super event at the City Park Water Tower, visit the botanical gardens, conquer the Sziget-kék four-season theme park (inspired by a tale penned by Magda Szabó), or the zoo and amusement park of the City Culture Park. The only question is, where to start?

Jump into adventure

You'll love the Nagyerdő beach and the adventure and thermal baths. Splashing little ones will love the baby and children’s pools, while older kids will be impressed by the wave pool and its paddler boats, 12 slides and a climbing wall.

Concerts, light painting, Fog Theatre at the Water Tower

The City Park Water Tower is an unmissable place if you’re looking for an exciting event in Debrecen. Evening concerts, light painting and the Fog Theatre that are unique in Hungary await. This multimedia fountain is definitely worth a visit if you’re passing by, because they project films on water spray, “conjuring” laser animations, which is a unique experience and very spectacular.

A paradise for little explorers

After the zoo and amusement park of the City Culture Park and the Sziget-kék four-season theme park, families can explore the modern laboratories of the three-storey Agora Science Adventure Centre. Try the interactive exhibits and have lots of fun. Before you head home, take a walk in the University of Debrecen’s Botanical Garden, where six thousand species of plants live and provide an environment that is far from average.


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