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Five things that make it worth cycling around Lake Tisza

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Lake Tisza, Hungary’s second biggest lake, was created as an artificial reservoir, however, nature soon claimed it as its own. It’s not only the pristine natural environment that deserves cycling around when you visit.

The last section of Lake Tisza’s cycle path, between Poroszló and Tiszafüred, was completed by the summer of 2020. Now that it is complete, the second biggest lake in the country can now be cycled around entirely protected from motorised traffic. The cycle path runs along the crest of the dam, giving you a continuous view of the surface of the lake and its watery environment. We’ll give you five good reasons not to miss out on this calming, but spectacular experience.

It’s quick to complete

The small circuit around Lake Tisza is barely 70 kilometres long, which can be easily cycled in three to four hours. It’s better to do the 95-kilometre-long bigger circuit in a whole day, with comfortable stops and bathing. You can even use the ferry between Ároktő and Tiszacsege as an additional item on your list of adventures. There is not much change in altitude, which makes cycling comfortable along the whole way.

Immerse yourself in nature

Lake Tisza’s main attraction is its pristine natural environment and diverse flora and fauna. It’s worth planning to stop for a few hours at the Lake Tisza Ecocenter in Poroszló, which is Europe’s second-largest freshwater aquarium. Besides observing the local fish up close, you can also get to know the aquatic birds and otters. This is also where you’ll find the Lake Tisza Bird Reserve, part of Hortobágy National Park. Several educational trails run between the lake and its tiny islands, such as the Pákász and Tiszavirág trails in Tiszaörvény. Walking along these trails allows you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy its peace.

Pákász and Tiszavirág trails in Tiszaörvény

Packed with exciting attractions

If you’d like to visit even more interesting attractions, don’t miss the hydroelectric power plant in Kisköre, which can be visited in groups by making an appointment in advance. This is a great adventure, and not just for those with an interest in the technology. The Fish Stairs of Kisköre – the largest ecological waterway in Central Europe – is also nearby. The 1.4-kilometre-long channel bypassing the plant had to be built to allow fish to move freely throughout the year: you can even observe how the fish swim from one place to another through a huge glass window. Don’t miss out on the most charming harbour of Lake Tisza, the Szabics Harbour in Tiszaörvény: you can take a boat to get to the Tiszavirág and Pákász educational trails and to a small inner pond, but the special atmosphere of the stilt houses nearby is also worth a visit. Very close by stands the Neo-Gothic Saint Maurus Chapel in Pusztatomaj, which is only nine kilometres away from Abádszalók.

Visiting beaches during your cycling tour

In the summertime, you can visit the beach to take a rest from all the cycling. You can put your skills to the test on the slides, trampolines and climbing frames at the Aquaglide Water Playground in Sarud, but other excellent beaches await you in Abádszalók, Tiszafüred and Poroszló as well.

Everything you might need

At Lake Tisza, cyclists can find whatever they need in the Cycling Centre in Tiszafüred. It is recommended that you start your tour from here, as this is where you can rent a bike in case you haven’t brought your own. There are eight service points around the lake, where you can rent and return bikes. You’ll also find a repair shop, a parking lot, showers, resting points and a cafeteria, and can even sign up for organised tours. If you love delicious fish dishes, make sure you visit the local restaurants.

Cycling Centre in Tiszafüred

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