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Nighttime exploration

Budapest - Spice of europe
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Amazing nightviews - Budapest may have dazzled you during the day, but we think you will also be surprised to experience how nocturnal the city is. The Hungarian capital truly comes alive when the sun goes down.

Take in the scenery of Budapest’s impressive skyline in the night from a bus tour Downtown, or even better, from a boat ride along the Danube that will let you muse at the country’s most important historic events by viewing the Caste or the Citadel. Or just pop back into its vivid presents day life and grab a drink at one of the many outdoor bistros, or enjoy a meal made by an internationally recognized chef at one of the many restaurants that have grasped the attention of the international gourmet connoisseur community. The lit-up bridges over the Danube are a magnificent spectacle, as well as the architecture along the riverside, which shows a very different face once the sun goes down and is showered in light. This is also the best time to enjoy the comfort and services of one of numerous bars and restaurants along the river side to take a break in your stroll make the view an even better experience.

If you’re up for the challenge, try your skills in an escape room, or even go for the real thing, and enjoy a tour of the wartime bunkers in the industrial complex in Csepel, or the intricate cave network in the hills. You should never be concerned about venturing out from the innermost part of the city at night. Budapest is a very safe city, in fact, Hungary was ranked 15th in the Global Peace Index’s 163-country review.