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Regenerating bath in Gyula

The Castle Bath of GyulaGyulaGyula region

The Castle Bath of Gyula is perfect for family relaxation, wellness, sports and saunas, but you may also want to try them for rehabilitation after an injury or for the medicinal pools and treatments.

The healing effects of the bath can be praised to a great extent. You’ve surely noticed that it relieves stress, relaxes and regenerates you not only mentally, but physically as well. In the Castle Bath of Gyula, the most famous spa in Békés county, you will find everything you need to do just that. In addition to the pools, there are massage pools, whirlpool baths, a sauna park and a water bar to help you regenerate.

Sauna park, night wellness and active relaxation

The bath’s sauna park offers three outdoor sauna houses, plunge pools, two indoor infrared saunas and a steam cabin. If you’re looking for a night-time wellness experience, buy a Saturday night pass and relax and regenerate in the domed pool area.


Are you looking for active relaxation, or for somewhere for the kids to burn off some of their excess energy? Then head for the pools. There are two outdoor slides, three indoor slides in the Aqua Palace, a 50-metre sports pool and a 25-metre training pool.

Regeneration and rehabilitation

If, in addition to regeneration, you are looking for rehabilitation after an injury, or if you have a nervous, musculoskeletal or gynaecological disorder that requires immersion in the medicinal waters, the Castle Bath of Gyula is the ideal choice.


Balneological treatments such as weight baths or underwater jet massage therapy can help you heal, and can be complemented by physiotherapy, mud treatments and therapeutic massage.


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