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Relax with wine in Eger

EgerEger region

The city of Eger has a wealth of wonders to offer, from its attractions and gastronomy to its unique wine tourism. Go on an authentic wine tasting tour in a small winery, taste specialities in a trendy wine bar or visit one of the local wine festivals. 

Egri Bikavér and Egri Csillag

The wine region is characterised by grapes grown on a variety of soils, so the “wine style of Eger” also includes some significant stylistic differences. The two best-known wine varieties of Eger are Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) and Csillag (Star of Eger). The former is a concentrated, often spicy and fruity red cuvée with a long history, while the latter is a modern, aromatic white wine – in existence since 2011 – that allows producers to show off the terroir’s potential.

Local wine bars naturally favour wines from Eger, so don’t be surprised if their wine lists are dominated by Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood wine of Eger) and Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) wines. Try several of them, comparing different vintages, for a unique experience. Most of the wineries are open all year round and invite you to visit them for a wine tasting and dinner event. 

Festivals, balls and celebrations

Life never stops in this wine region. Eger has a colourful programme of festivals, balls and celebrations to match the vineyards and the wines, whatever the season. Discover the emblematic wines of the region at the Eger Wine Festival or the Egri Bikavér Festival. When the autumn harvest starts, the whole town comes alive with the Harvest Festival, an event that is well worth a visit.


Wine tasting programmes are available all year round in the wineries of Eger, with a fixed bus service on Saturdays to facilitate visiting all the cellars.


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