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Romantic Szigetköz is the gift of the Danube

Mosoni‑DanubeSzigetközGyőr and Pannonhalma

Hop onto a bike or grab your hiking boots and head for Szigetköz, whose peaceful villages and natural treasures let you enjoy some great leisure activities.

Lying between the Greater Danube and the Mosoni‑Duna, Szigetköz is formed from alluvial deposits from the Danube and is a favourite destination for nature lovers. No wonder: with its rich flora and fauna, winding cycle paths and special water-world, Hungary’s largest island is a true paradise on earth. Regardless of their level of expertise, lovers of water tours can explore the branches of the Danube in the 375 square kilometre area by canoe or kayak. Beginners and advanced boaters are equally welcome.

Experienced guides will take you on special excursions, such as the star tours of floodplain backwaters and lagoons, the extreme 105-kilometre water tour on the river linking Rajka with Győr, or the motorboat tours of the branches of the Danube. A thousand fishing spots and an array of fish await angling enthusiasts. In addition to the popular angling lake in Dunamente, Dodo Wild Farm is also worth a visit for sighting red deer, mouflon, wild boar and fallow deer. It’s especially fun with the family, as a playground, a petting zoo and a playhouse ensure some pleasant hours at the farm.


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