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On the water, in the water, freely: the country’s lakes and rivers await you with water sports

Lupa IslandGreater Budapest

Water sports make you feel free and close to nature. You can try them wherever you go in Hungary.

Do you long for the quiet of nature disturbed only by the splashing paddles? Or do you want to hear the engines roar and feel the adrenaline flow? Active adventures await you on natural waters all over Hungary.

Szarvas, Körös

On a sailing boat and with a paddle

The centre of Hungarian sailing is our biggest lake, Lake Balaton, as there are yacht clubs and ports operating in many towns on its southern and northern shores. Fans of this sport will find several yacht clubs on Lake Velence as well.

Water touring is a traditional Hungarian “genre”. Given that the country doesn’t have an abundance of real whitewaters and rapids, hikers can take part in calm kayak or canoe tours all over the country. The Mosoni-Duna, Tisza, Old Túr, Ipoly, Ráckeve-Danube branch, Bodrog and Körös rivers are especially beautiful locations for water tours. You can conquer the distance in a unique pristine natural environment in Gemenc Forest. Only the splashing paddles break the silence of nature.


Lake Balaton

Standing on a board

Lake Balaton and Lake Velence are also the biggest Hungarian surfing centres, although Lake Tisza is a popular destination as well. Lake Fertő is also a great place to surf, mainly because it’s the windiest water surface in Hungary. It is also a favourite location of kitesurfing fans.

SUP has been the most popular water sport in the last couple of years. SUP is available at almost any lake and even on the Danube, with most beaches offering boards to rent. You can explore the Danube in Budapest on an SUP or paddle into the quieter parts of Lake Balaton and Lake Velence.

There are plenty of courses all over the country for more extreme wakeboard fans. Around Budapest, the lakes in Budakalász (Lake Lupa and Omszk) and Lake Rukkel in Dunavarsány are extremely popular, but there are modern wakeboard courses in Nyíregyháza, Győr, Pécs and Szeged as well. Let’s not forget Lake Balaton and Lake Velence, where wakeboard fans can have fun in Balatonfüred, Siófok and Vonyarcvashegy.


Let the engines roar

You can enjoy the speed of motorboats on the Danube in Budapest, on Lake Tisza, in Abádszalók and at several towns on Lake Balaton, such as Keszthely and Siófok. Jet skiers can speed along between Bugyi and Délegyháza or near Hódmezővásárhely, in Kopáncs. Water skiers can practise while being pulled by a motorboat on Lake Hejő near Miskolc, in Kál in Heves County and on the Szamos and Tisza rivers.