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The best places to watch the sunrise and the sunset by the River

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Getting up early has never been more worthwhile. One of the most surprising locations for the sunrise experience is the Philosophers’ Garden on Gellért Hill. Even though this is an area that is extremely popular among visitors, the garden itself is surprisingly peaceful and is also a regular staging post for the hikes and nature treks that set off from this area.

Alternatively, why not visit Margitsziget for the Budapest sunrise experience? A spot where the greenery is uninterrupted, once the sun has come up you might as well enjoy another local experience and take a jog around the island or go for a swim at the popular Palatinus swimming complex.


A bit of a challenge, but one that is worth the effort, is heading off to one of Budapest’s elevated spots before the sun comes up. The Budavár Castle, or one of the various lookout points will show you just how wonderfully the city shines as the sunbeams reach it.

However, watching the sun go down is just as beautiful. There is hardly a better neighborhood to enjoy the scenery than along the Danube. If you’re staying at one of the excellent hotels along the Downtown section of the river, you will likely not even have to go far for a unique sunset experience. If getting up early isn’t to your liking, watching the sun set is just as much of a great experience.


You could always venture out farther and sit down in the park near the National Theater and the Palace of Arts for a tranquil experience to fully enjoy the sight of the setting sun. The location is known for its peacefulness, with locals often making a point of enjoying the park area here. It is also an excellent destination for a stroll or a boat ride down the Danube.


There are few better venues to enjoy the setting sun than one of the hangouts down on the shore. Sitting back at a bar at the base of the Chain Bridge, enjoying a drink and some background music all lead to an unforgettable experience.


That said, the sun going down and spreading its different hues over the skyline can be greatly enjoyed from one of the city’s rooftop bars. The open air, a cold lemonade or a cocktail and Budapest’s beautiful buildings dappled by the changing colors of the sun’s rays make for an animated work of art.