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The Healing Power of Caves


A deep dive into the belly of the earth for a breath of fresh air is a special experience. Here is where and why. Chances are you have already been on a cave tour, but if not, it is high time! 

Why not try this special underground adventure, right around Lake Balaton? The wonderful halls, formations, passages, and artificial lights, all shaped by water, provide a unique experience all year round. On guided tours you will not only learn about how dripstones are formed, you will also discover the therapeutic effects of the caves. 


Have you heard about cave therapy? Everyone should consider doing a solid for their health with climate and cave therapies. The Balaton region offers several options, and health tourism in the region is bustling all year round. The medicinal waters are rich in minerals, while cave walks are highly effective for upper respiratory problems. 

Health Caves

The physiological benefits of salt caves and salt rooms go beyond respiratory relief, they can also provide mental and spiritual refreshment. Salt therapies can alleviate complex symptoms caused by poor air quality, as the clean air in the room which is packed with salt bricks, will do a world of good to the human body. Salt rooms can reduce stress, and regular visits can eliminate sleep disorders while also calming the nerves. The health benefits of salt also extend to various respiratory issues; the salty, clean air is excellent for treating allergies, hay fever and sinusitis. Almost every wellness hotel now features a salt room or salt chamber, and we highly recommend giving it a try! 


A natural formation, the Tapolca Hospital Cave is the only therapeutic cave in the region, attracting numerous visitors throughout the year. Part of the underground cave system is partially under water. These sections and can be explored by boat. The unique air quality of the cave beneath the Jenő Deák Hospital was discovered by chance during World War II when the underground cave, 15 metres (50 feet) below the surface, served as a shelter. The doctors noticed significant improvement among patients with respiratory illnesses. The special air of the health cave is used for various therapies to this day, offering unique rehabilitation opportunities for respiratory diseases and allergies. Since 1982, the Kórház‑barlang (Hospital Cave) in Tapolca has operated as an official therapeutic cave under the permission of the Ministry of Health, where a great many patients, mostly suffering from asthma, have found permanent relief. Its climate remains constant throughout the year with a temperature at around 12–13 °C (54–55°F) and incredibly clean, humid air guaranteed to be completely free of pollens. 

The Wonderful and Relaxing Csodabogyós Cave

At the eastern foot of the Keszthely Hills this specially protected cave is Hungary’s ninth longest and Transdanubia’s sixth longest cave. Lying 393 meters above sea level within the protected area of the Balaton Uplands National Park, the cave derives its name from the Hungarian name of the butcher's broom shrub, a prickly evergreen plant growing near its entrance. While this cave is not particularly remarkable for its health benefits, its accessibility and abundance of hiking routes of different challenge levels make it a highly popular tourist destination.


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