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The Károly Guckler Lookout in Budapest offers a 360-degree panorama

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The Károly Guckler lookout tower, which rises on Hármashatár Hill, is unique because you can see all the imposing bridges across the Danube from it. And if you are lucky with the weather you can also see the Mátra and Tatra mountain ranges. Enjoy one of the most wonderful panoramas Budapest has to offer.  

What can you see from the Károly Guckler Lookout?

Visit the Károly Guckler lookout tower: The 360-degree panorama of Budapest and environs seen from 499 metres will take your breath away. You will find the lookout tower on Hármashatár Hill, which rises in the north-north-eastern part of the Buda Hills. The lookout will enchant you with views of:  

  • the rolling Danube all the way to the bend at Gellért Hill,
  • the imposing Megyeri Bridge,
  • the city rising to Széchenyi Hill,
  • the proud Pilis and the Visegrád Mountains,
  • the lofty curves of the Buda Hills,
  • the Elizabeth Lookout at the highest point in Budapest,
  • the stunning ranges of the Mátra and Tatra Mountains. 


About the Károly Guckler Lookout

One of the curiosities of the Károly Guckler Lookout is that it was built using the remnants of a WWII air artillery emplacement. The sight of the lookout is a special experience in itself: The octagonal structure, built with geometric shapes, resembles a very special, giant football made from pine timbers. Come to this unique place and look down on the amazing Hungarian capital from above.  

Why was the lookout named after Károly Guckler?

Thanks to Károly Guckler, the man who gave his name to the lookout, the peaks of the Hármashatár Hill are once again covered by trees. Before the 1860s, Budapest was mainly supplied with firewood from the surrounding forests, which caused great damage to the plant life in the area. When Károly Guckler was appointed forest manager, one of his first actions was to plant low-demand, vigorous pine forests on the eroded hillsides to bind the soil. After this they were able to start reintroducing native species.

Come to this magnificent lookout tower and enjoy the 360-degree panorama of Budapest.