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Balaton region

The volcanic hill and Lake BalatonBadacsonyBalaton

Central Europe’s largest lake offers unmissable experiences all-year-round. Every summer, the nearly 200-km2 lake warms up easily, with its gradual depth attractive to those wishing to splash around.

Experiences not to be missed around Balaton

From spring to autumn, the unique atmosphere of the Balaton Uplands region – a prospective World Heritage Site rimmed with volcanic mountains – is guaranteed by its favourable microclimate, castles that invite conquest, cloister ruins and lookout towers.

Family experiences on the water and the beach

Thanks to its favourable attributes, Lake Balaton is an ideal travel destination for those who enjoy active and passive relaxation, for young people, people with small children, large families and members of older generations alike.

The playful side of lake Balaton

If you need some excitement after exploring the natural wonders, it is time to head to the nearest adventure park! In Zamárdi or Zánka, the entire family can compare their skills at rope and adventure courses of varying levels of difficulty.

Adventures on mountaintops and in the caves

The volcanic hills towering over Lake Balaton provide the perfect terrain for on-foot discovery of local attractions; however, the region also offers numerous opportunities for people to view the landmarks of the Balaton Uplands National Park on bicycle and even horseback.

Balaton’s gastronomic revolution

The region is also an excellent destination for fans of refined culinary pleasures: besides food delicacies, it is also worth sampling the regional wines of family wineries built upon two thousand years of viticulture, on sunlit, trellised wine terraces with a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Roaming through history of a thousand years

The Balaton region’s thousand-year history is reminiscent of the meeting of cultures. If you are interested in history, a long list of museums, abbeys, fortresses and castles await discovery in the area!


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