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Bük - Sárvár for Families - 1 day

Sárvár Spa and Wellness Bath SárvárBük - Sárvár
How long it takes?
1 day
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public transport
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Baths, Spas  and Beaches
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Bük - Sárvár
Day 1

Have fun and recharge your batteries: quality time together in the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Bath

Spend a really pleasant day with your family in Sárvár, where even the littlest ones can enjoy the pleasures of paddling in the Spa and Wellness Bath. Every member of the family will have a good time thanks to adventure pool, the many other inviting pools and the exciting winding slides of the relaxation area, the exclusive sauna world, which is an oasis of tranquillity, and the spa wing, which boasts high-quality spa pools. You’ll enjoy your time here so much that you’ll hardly be able to drag yourself and the little ones home.  

Nádasdy Castle – one of the best preserved Renaissance palaces in Hungary

The construction of the Nádasdy Castle in Sárvár only began in the late 13th century but it saw its heyday when it was owned by the Nádasdy family. For this reason the exhibitions are very varied: this wide range of attractions means every member of the family will find something to interest them. You can see, among other things, you can see famous works of glass art at the glass exhibition, there is an exhibition presenting the everyday life of the most Hungarian of military units, the Hussars, and you can also discover how furniture styles changed over the centuries and even see the Nádasdy clock, the only work of art belonging to the family that once owned the castle. But the ceremonial hall is perhaps the most impressive sight: it is one of the most imposing Hungarian Baroque interiors in the country with its dazzling murals and stuccos. If you are a interested in Renaissance history, you can immerse yourself in it here.  

The Boating Lake of Sárvár is a great choice all year round.

Discover the islands and peninsulas of the lake system in the southern part of Sárvár. The Boating Lake is a great destination for all ages all year long. In the summer, you can sunbathe on the water while in a row boat or pedalo, and you can also picnic in the cool shade of the giant trees. In winter you can skate on the frozen water. In spring and autumn you can see beautiful birds nesting between the islands or just flying south. You can also go hiking in the inspiring natural environment, and there is a playground for the kids too.  

Put your skills to the test at the Sárvár Adventure Park.

The Adventure Park, which is near the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Bath, is an excellent choice for anyone in the family who wants to test their skills under safe conditions. The younger ones will find rope tracks, gold washing and playgrounds to suit their level, but the bigger ones will also find something to challenge and excite them, including more difficult rope courses, “brave jumping” or crate construction. Check out the monumental rope course system with 120 stops, a climbing wall, archery and air rifle shooting: there’s no way you’ll be bored here!  

During your visit


Harmonious acids, purple colour, berry fruit flavours: you simply must taste some wines made from Blauburger grapes. If you are in the vicinity of Kőszeg, close to the Austrian-Hungarian border, there is one more thing, apart from the many exciting sights, that you really shouldn’t miss; the heavenly wine made from Blauburger blue grapes. This grape variety can also be found in the Eger bull’s blood, the deservedly famous Hungarian wine, which speaks for itself. Cheers!

Nádasdy dumplings

Not only is the Nádasdy Castle worth exploring; you should also let in the temptation of one of the jewels of Hungarian cuisine, the mouth-watering Nádasdy dumplings: these walnut-sized dumplings offer a sweet treat while you’re exploring the local sights. When you hear about the fragrant dumplings filled with cinnamon plum jam it’ll make your mouth water. Head to a local restaurant and taste this delicious treat.

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