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Debrecen-Hajdúszoboszló for Explorers - 2 days

Debrecen and surroundings
How long it takes?
2 Days
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public transport
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Debrecen and surroundings
Day 1
Urban romance in Debrecen

Reformed Great Church

Everything is “great” in Debrecen, including the city park and the church. The Reformed Great Church can seat up to 2,000 people, and is home to Kossuth’s chair and the Vizsoly Bible. It has one of the country’s finest organs, and you can even visit the organ loft. Take your time and enjoy the quality environment of the book store café.

City Park Water Tower

This building has been renovated to provide as many services and as much entertainment as an actual water tower can. Obviously, it is a lookout tower, but it is also home to exhibitions and musical events. You will find a wine bar and a climbing wall, while the light show in the evening is an added bonus.

The Reformed College of Debrecen

The college is the cradle of Hungarian culture, established in 1538 and open ever since. It was home to Misi Nyilas, and also Csokonai, János Arany, Ferenc Kazinczy and Ferenc Kölcsey. Time seems to have stopped in its 600,000-volume library.

Day 2
Mental and physical refreshment in Hajdú countryside

Modem Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre

Even if you stay in the town centre, you will still have many things to discover. The Modem is a highly fascinating contemporary exhibition hall and world-class art centre. A truly intellectual space and cultural institution that will inspire you.


Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló

After so much culture and history, you will definitely enjoy spending time in the largest spa complex in Europe. From the cinema pool to the ice-cave illusion and tropical, exotic and Roman interiors: if you want to try them all, you will need more than just one afternoon.


During your Visit


This region was known far and wide for its apple orchards. At the market, the ‘Szabolcs’ apple was a sought-after fruit. Apple Pálinka from Szabolcs is made from carefully selected and locally grown apples. It benefits from geographical protection, and a visit to the distillery always includes a tasting.


‘Goulash’ in Hungarian means a dish and also a profession, i.e. cowherd. It’s not just a profession, though. It’s a vocation. The king of Hungarian dishes is made on an open fire, and was the favourite dish of the cowherds and horse-herds living in Hortobágy. It tastes of freedom.

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