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Tokaj and Nyíregyháza for Seniors - 5 days

Tokaj and Nyíregyháza
How long it takes?
5 days
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public transport
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World Heritage Sites
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Tokaj and Nyíregyháza
Day 1
Castles, rivers, wine and traditional gastronomy in eastern Hungary

World Heritage Wine Museum

Whenever people in other countries talk about Hungarian wine, they are most likely referring to ‘tokaji’. The former beer house is home to the museum of the World Heritage wine region, which you should visit before or after the unmissable visit to the wine cellars in Tokaj, combined with a tasting.


Acetánia Vinegar Museum

Grapes are sour in Bodrogkeresztúr. Joking aside, it is only the vinegar that is sour here, and it even has a museum. Before you visit it, you will find it hard to imagine what an interesting and healthy condiment vinegar can be and how many different varieties there are.


Mád Synagogue

The memory of the Jewish community that once lived here is kept alive by the strikingly beautiful synagogue in Mád. The stones that were used to build it were extracted and transported to the construction site by members of the community. As you step into the building, you will see a space that combines Baroque and Zopfstil elements in spectacular harmony.

Day 2

Sárospatak Castle

The best known of the Rákóczi family estates, it is the most popular sight in Sárospatak. One of the most beautiful works of late Renaissance architecture in Hungary, and home to the relics of the famous family. You must have seen it on the 500 HUF banknote several times, so why not visit it in person?


Megyer-hegy Tarn

Not far from Sárospatak, you will find one the most interesting and most photogenic natural wonders of Hungary. As you cross a land reminiscent of Tuscany, follow the sign to reach the former millstone quarry. Rainwater has turned its pit into a scenic lake. The workers of the quarry have carved resting places into the rhyolite rock, which is easy to cut.


Wine Cellar System, Hercegkút

One of the hidden treasures of the Zemplén Hills. The wine cellar system of the Swabian village is part of the Tokaj-Hegyalja World Heritage site. It consists of 195 cellars and is only a few kilometres from Sárospatak, bringing back the feeling of old country life and traditional cellar culture.


Day 3

Füzér Castle

One of the surprises in the Zemplén Hills is the recently renovated Füzér Castle. It has been standing on the top of a volcanic hill since the Tatar invasion. A gift to a princess of the Árpád Dynasty, it was the hiding place of the Holy Crown and also the estate of the Báthory family. The view of the surrounding hills and the colourful glass windows of the castle chapel are not to be missed.


Hollóháza Porcelain Museum

The exhibition presents the history of porcelain production in Hollóháza, from the beginnings to the present day. The name of the porcelain factory and that of the painter Endre Szász have become one, as the items designed by him have become very popular among collectors.


Day 4

The medieval churches trail

This is a themed trail that passes through the unique religious and cultural heritage of the Carpathian Basin. You have no idea how much treasure is hidden along the route. The charming ‘barefooted Notre Dame’ in Tákos and the 13th century painted church with its smiling saints in Csaroda are just two of these. If you call in advance before you get there, Aunt Viola or Piroska will open the church door for you. You may even get an enthusiastic guide to show you round.



This was where Kölcsey wrote the National Anthem, and his tomb is in the middle of the cemetery full of carved wooden headstones. The poet’s personal belongings are exhibited in a memorial room. István Korpás, the carpenter who carved most of the headstones, lives on the road leading to the cemetery. He is happy to talk about the secrets of these memorials and will gladly show tourists his traditional workshop.


Panyolai Szilvórium

The former small country distillery has been renovated by three adventurers, who have revived the village’s ancient tradition. An ideal environment on the bank of the Öreg Túr. Book your place on the distillate tour and you will get shown more than just the copper pots by the master distiller. You can even taste the real Szatmári plum. Their traditional local dishes, like the knot-noodle soup or stuffed cabbage à la Szatmár, are prepared by master chef László Fülep.


Day 5

Aquarius Experience Spa

It is part of Sóstófürdő and is located in the green suburbs of Nyíregyháza. The spa complex is open all year around, and has many different features and services. Both the spa and its surroundings are very pleasant.

During your visit


You will find may different types of wine in Tokaj-Hegyalja, however as soon as you say ‘tokaji’, ‘aszú’ wine comes to people’s mind first. The most famous product of the wine region, which has put Tokaj on the world map of wines. This is the first thing you should taste when you visit Tokaj.


Apart from natural wonders and excellent hiking trails, the Zemplén Hills are definitely a rich source of two other things: mushrooms and game. Pair these two in the kitchen for some strong-flavoured dishes and you get roast venison with porcini. The flavour of the porcini is incomparable, and even emphasises the characteristic taste of roast venison.

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