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A place worth taking the plunge

RQ Water Adventre Park and Thermal BathGyőrGyőr and Pannonhalma

The spa, previously known as Rába Quelle, now RQ, was completely renovated in 2023 and welcomes you with aquatic experiences and specialties that are unlike any other in Hungary. 

Now the city is definitely worth a big splash. In the summer of 2023, the city's newest adventure spa and beach opened with a fresh concept under the name RQ Water Adventure Park and Thermal Bath. The water centre on the peninsula at the junction of the Mosoni-Danube and the Rába rivers offers a wonderful view of the bishop's castle and the historic town centre.

An experience for body and soul

The 4.5-hectare area is all about water: you can try a total of 21 pools, loads of slides, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, a cocktail bar and an indoor bath. 


The medical and wellness departments that utilise 67-degree water coming from a depth of 2,000 metres, the sauna world arranged in Japanese style, the visual elements reminiscent of Hungarian inventions and culture, and the modern giant slides make the spa an unmissable destination for water lovers. Of course, physio- and balneotherapy treatments are also available to help you heal recover. 

Seven stars

The spa calls itself a "seven star" facility because they want to achieve maximum performance in seven areas: architecture, services provided, child-friendly/family criteria, therapy, catering, cleanliness, safety and helpful staff.

The Eiffel Tower of Győr

A special concept is that you can see the inventions of famous Hungarian scientists in the spa area: Ányos Jedlik's soda siphon and László Bíró's ball-point pen can be found among the pools. The largest Spray Park in the country commemorates the legend of Hany Istók, a little boy who lived in the nearby Hanság marshland. One of the most spectacular elements in the spa is the 32-metre-high slide tower, which forms a soda siphon. Some people call it the Eiffel Tower of Győr. Several slides start from the top of tower. One is 195 metres long, and another one is so fast that centrifugal force holds you up. When you slide, you can not only measure how fast you are going, but you can also test yourself and your reflexes with different games. If you are after even more fun, you can sip cocktails from unbreakable glasses at the bar in the three-level panoramic pool, and there are 11 restaurants to eat at in the theme park.

Musical instruments in the water

Unlike the Scandinavian-type saunas that are common across Hungary, the sauna world in Győr was created based on a slightly different concept. In addition to the large saunas and the steam cabin, the bubbling sound of fountains makes the space even more peaceful and relaxing. There is also a plunge pool filled with 40-degree thermal water, which is special because the water comes untreated straight from the source. There is also a special, intimate sauna called RQ Rouge, which VIP guests can rent for private sauna sessions. 


The therapeutic department offers a rheumatology clinic, and you can use a weight bath, bathtub, mud wraps, underwater jet massage, therapeutic massage and various electrotherapy treatments. In addition to the children's pools, the spray park and the beach playground, the indoor spa area has slides and children's pools recalling Zoltán Kodály's music teaching method.