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Bükfürdő Thermal & SpaBükfürdőSopron / Bük & Sárvár region


Situated near the Austrian border, Bükfürdő has developed a name for itself over the recent decades amongst domestic and foreign patients alike who suffer from various locomotor disorders. The effect of the bathing and drinking therapy carried out with medicinal water with an exceptionally high mineral content – even in international comparisons (over 15,000 mg/l) – is second to none.


The generous, 14 hectare park and the modern Medical Wellness Centre offer a range of unique experiences. Services of the wellness centre can be accessed even without an admission ticket to the spa. Hungary’s second largest bathing complex features 34 pools and over 5,000 square metres of water surface, medicinal, swimming and adventure pools, modern sauna facilities and a wellness centre as well as a renowned therapeutic department and camping area for guests.


Come and experience the diversity that is sure to captivate all generations! An adventure pool with slides, a ‘shark cave’ and a playroom featuring a range of colourful toys await families with little children. At the wellness centre, adults can choose from ten different saunas; the bravest can alternate between the 100 degrees Celsius ‘Devil’s Shack’ followed by the ice cold air of the cryo cabin.





What does the town of Sárvár, steeped in history and situated in beautiful natural surroundings, halfway between Vienna and Lake Balaton, have to offer? It’s hard to find another single location with medicinal waters of two different compositions and effects, which infuse the body and wash away the troubles of day-to-day life.


One of these is a 83-degree Celsius, highly saline medicinal water, whilst the other measures 43 degrees Celsius and is rich in alkaline-hydrogen-carbonate. The former is recommended for treating gynecological inflammatory diseases, whilst the latter is used for muscle-relaxing baths, yet both medicinal waters are suitable for the treatment and rehabilitation of locomotor diseases. Thanks to the indoor pools, the spa is open for all ages, regardless of the season or weather.


The family adventure bath, featuring a wave pool and a baby pool filled with toys and giant slides is connected to the medical wing by a spacious corridor. This allows both children – spirited, yet undoubtedly loud – and those seeking tranquility and relaxation to share the two parts of the spa in peace. Apart from numerous pools, the medical treatments as well as the various wellness and fitness services are highly popular. The wellness facility features refreshing massages, from manager massages to lava stone massages, tub baths and packs and a nearly endless number of treatments.



Situated in one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary, just a few kilometres from the Croatian border, the Harkány Thermal Spa has been serving the recovery of visitors for nearly two hundred years.


It’s located in a 13.5-hectare shady primordial park with nearly 8,000 square metres of water surface. According to legends, the sulfuric curative springs of Harkány burst to the surface on the spot where an angry devil vanished after being tricked by a wily old woman. Powers of the Harkány waters are confirmed by over 160 thousand successfully cured rheumatological, dermatological and gynecological cases.


The sulfuric Harkány medicinal water rich in minerals has been used to treat psoriasis for decades. There are only two other spots in the world apart from Harkány where psoriasis can be verifiably cured. Thanks to the medications supplemented with local mud, certain types of infertility can be treated here as well. The region’s special microclimate – with 2100-2200 hours of sunshine a year – also assists recovery and replenishment.


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