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A special aquatic experience: bathing in a cave

MiskolctapolcaEger region

Caves were created by nature hundreds of thousands of years ago. They are an exciting place to visit, but bathing in their water – especially if it is warm – is also a unique experience. 

Medicinal thermal water from the depths of the mountain: Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

You can enjoy an exciting aquatic experience in the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath, which is unlike any other in Europe. There is no karst water this warm anywhere else on the continent! Swimming in the healing thermal water that erupts from the depths of the mountain, you can discover the dark, winding passages, enjoy a pleasant white water massage and hear the mysterious echo of the star hall. In the meantime, you can admire the rich variety of natural formations that the water carved out of the hard limestone rocks hundreds of thousands of years ago.


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In the park next to the Cave Spa, you can row a boat on the lake or walk among the squirrels and ducks in a beautiful environment. 

Demjén Thermal Valley: open every night

The Cascade Cave and Adventure Bath in Demjén is the largest cave bath in Central Europe with its 760-metre-long cave system and 1,500 square metres or water. The multifunctional facility has a spa, an aqua park and a 4-star hotel. Its thermal water comes from a depth of 690 metres. The zig-zag spa area is spectacular: special flower decorations, extravagant lamps and statues evoke the enchanted world of fairies and dragons. The lights and the bubble massage beds of the Fairy Cave adventure pool, the soothing atmosphere of the Cave of Secrets and the therapeutic water of the Thermal Bay all provide rest and relaxation. The Fairy Tale Island will surely be a favourite with the youngest members of the family. The spa also has a 24-metre-wide and 25-metre-deep slide tower sunk into the hillside, covering 550 metres of sliding surface, and there is a 133-metre-long drift stream and several children's pools. The spa is open until 2 a.m., offering romantic night bathing under the starry sky.


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Quarry study trail: The pleasant tour starts from the centre of the village, in Szépasszonyvölgy utca, and takes you around the eastern border of the village, showing the quarry, which is still operating today. During your trip you can see cellars, cave apartments as well as a stone hut and the stone carver's house.

No need for a swimsuit: boating under the city

You can't swim in the Tapolca lake cave but you can go boating underground! You can discover 250 metres of the cave, 70 metres of which are dry (with 73 steps) and 180 metres of which are covered in water. You can check out the latter by taking a boat ride under the lovely town of Tapolca.