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Cascade Cave Bath and Pool Complex

Cascade Cave Bath and Pool ComplexDemjénEger region

Situated near Eger in Northern Hungary, the visual appearance of the Cascade Cave Bath in Demjén was inspired by the world of fairy tales and fantasy. The largest cave bath in Central Europe offers a total pool surface area of 1,500 square meters, medicinal and adventure pools, as well as a water slide. 

The pools established in the artificial cave are fed by medicinal springs bubbling up from a depth of 690 meters, at 68 °C. The water temperature in the pools is 30-38 °C. The underground passageways will transport you into a fairy-tale land: goblins, fairies and dragons adorn the pools and islands, shimmering in a mysterious light.


The enchanted world of the cave bath will not only delight children: the 760-meter cave system also boasts a set of water slides inside the mountain, allowing both children and adults to get their adrenaline rush. Guests are brought to the top of the slide via a panoramic elevator. A two-track, automatic access controlled giant slide awaits the most courageous, but the winding Anaconda and the super fast Turbo slides have their own surprises in store!  

The waves of the 133-meter long jet stream will carry you from the slides to the restful and rejuvenating passageways of the cave bath. Those preferring to relax and enjoy the beneficial effects of the hard medicinal water – containing sodium, calcium, hydrogen, carbonate, fluoride, and sulphur – may opt for the Thermal Bay, offering back massages, bubble jets, underwater stream massage and light therapy.


The Cascade offers an unforgettable experience to the little ones, who will find themselves transported into an enchanted fairy-tale world. The Family Slide and the pool of the magical Fairy Tale Island offer entertainment for the entire family.


Rejuvenation is complete and guaranteed in the Finnish and aroma saunas, where you can also try the special massage treatments. Or you could spend some time in the salt cave, if you prefer. This strengthens the immune system, alleviates allergic symptoms and disinfects the respiratory tract.