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An adrenaline shot for water lovers and adventurers – the best aquaparks

Aquarena MogyoródGreater Budapest

For lots of people, a perfect day by the water is laying by the pool or on the shores of a lake without being disturbed; reading, sunbathing, sipping cocktails and dipping their toes in the water. But if this doesn’t sound like your idea of a great waterside experience, and you’re looking for more excitement, then you will certainly find many kindred spirits at Hungary’s adventure spas. 

The country has no shortage of water parks, which offer excitement and unforgettable water experiences for adventure-loving guests. If you want to race down a winding, pitch-black slide, if you love competing with other people to see who’s king or queen of the slides, or you want to show off your talent for surfing, the following spa complexes will surely steal your heart. 

Aquarena – Mogyoród

One of Hungary’s classic water parks, the Aquarena in Mogyoród, is known as an aquatic paradise for adventurers. It earned this title not only thanks to its numerous fun attractions but also thanks to its unique design and magical environment. As you go into Aquarena, the first thing you’ll notice is the stunning, stepped design built into the hillside. This allows you to explore the entire area through the slides and pools and to enjoy the view (which might also make standing in the queue more tolerable). Of course, most people don’t visit Aquarena just for the idyllic environment, but because of its amazing slide and adventure park. The 28 slides are of different difficulty levels, so everyone can find something to suit them: the bravest can take a ride on the freefall slide, which is do steep you’ll really feel like you’re falling. If you're not ready for that, then you can try the Twister, UFO and Flying Carpet slides. In addition to the slides, there are other experiences on offer to enrich your visit: You can jump into the water from 1-3-meter-high cliffs, you can get a rush in the white water in the rafting pool, or you can sit back on giant rubber rings in the circling rapids.

Aquaworld – Budapest

Aquaworld Budapest is one of the largest and most exciting aquaparks in Hungary. You’ll never get bored as the water adventures kick into top gear. There are 11 slides in the spa area, so it's up to you which one you jump into first. On the Kamikaze slide you’ll feel the wind blowing over your skin with the force of a tropical cyclone. Or give the Black Hole a try, where you can twist and turn in the dark and experience a real adrenaline rush. But Aquaworld is not just about slides. You can also have lots of other experiences: you can feel the power of water in the floating corridors, and in the wave pool you’ll feel like you are on the beach in a distant country. In the diving pool, you can experience freefall for a few seconds. Of course, in this spa complex in Budapest there is more on offer than a daily dose of adrenaline and fun. The experience will be truly unforgettable as you can relax in the jacuzzis and the sauna world after a long day of excitement. 

Aquaworld, Budapest

Aqua Centrum – Cegléd

Since 2005, Aqua Centrum has stood out from the spectrum of Hungarian spas: a special feature of the spa complex in Cegléd is that it has the atmosphere of a medieval castle, so you can stay active or relax in a fairytale world. Aqua Centrum boasts 18 giant slides and, like in many other slide parks, you can also find the traditional chutes to get your speed up and start your heart racing: For example, the kamikaze, the black hole and the onion – which we certainly do not need to explain to real adventurers. But if you also want to try some really extreme slides, then you should visit Cegléd: at the top of the Dragon slide, even the bravest guests might have second thoughts. You’ll have to jump from a height of 16 metres and you’ll reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. Another popular attraction at the Aqua Centrum is the U-shaped pendulum slide, where you can pick up some speed in a sliding rubber ring that swings from side to side until you slow down. It’s worth visiting for a few days as there are various cultural activities to partake of in the area, as well as riding stables, wine tasting and gastronomic tours.