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Aristocratic elegance and eclecticism at Almásy Mansion and Wenckheim Palace

Almásy MansionGyulaGyula region

The Southern Great Plain region is home to fairy-tale castles. Take a glimpse into the opulent life of the aristocracy of bygone times at Almásy Mansion in Gyula and marvel at the extravagance of Wenckheim Palace in Szabadkígyós.

Travelling through the Southern Great Plain, you can discover treasures hidden even from castle lovers, such as Almásy Mansion in Gyula or Wenckheim Palace in Szabadkígyós. Enter the buildings, marvel at the splendour of a bygone age and let yourself be enchanted and captivated by this past era – at least for a few hours.

Where the past comes to life: the magical world of Almásy Mansion

Restored in 2016, this beautiful baroque castle is a place where the past comes to life, which is no exaggeration, as the former residents of the Mansion really do “come to life” thanks to a special technology called holoprojection. The interactive exhibition in the visitor centre also gives you a glimpse of true luxury, the strict daily routine of the lords and the secret world of the staff who served them. Where did the lady’s maids live? How did they polish the silver and pre-warm the lady’s bed? You’ll find all the answers here.


Don’t miss Huszár Tower, where you can see contemporary fine art exhibitions, and the tower’s observation deck opposite offers a magnificent panorama of Gyula Castle and the Castle Park.

Extravagant eclecticism at Wenckheim Palace

It was not an easy task for Miklós Ybl, the architect of the palace, that was assigned to him by the builder, Krisztina Wenckheim. She asked that nothing in the palace should be the same, but that the stylistic elements should harmonise with each other.


The building, which has neo-Renaissance and eclectic stylistic features, is surrounded by a French garden and an English park. Make sure you walk around here, but before you leave for Szabadkígyós, you should check the palace’s website for opening hours and plan your trip accordingly.


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