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Big Autumn Bucket List

MartonvásárGreater Budapest

Leaves radiate in a hundred shades of yellow, red and brown, the sun warms you gently and you can drink hot tea from your thermos. An idyllic autumn day, right? Make sure that you enjoy it this year. Here are seven tips for the fullest possible experience. 

Walk among the falling leaves

Go out into nature if the weather allows it. Lately, we have been lucky in autumn as we’ve been getting lots of sunny days. If the weather is bad on Saturday, put off your trip to Sunday. The point is not to miss the sight of the colourful leaves in the forest, which will surely enchant you in autumn, for example, around Lillafüred.

Hop on the light railway

The recently renovated light train in Felsőtárkány runs through a beautiful forest environment at the western edge of Bükk. You can see a blue lake, a red locomotive, green trees, and Eger is just a hop away. What else do you need for a weekend trip? You can find light railways running through fabulous landscapes in several parts of the country, so check out the one that’s the closest to you.

Bring home the treasures of autumn

If you have small children, you’ll know that wild chestnuts and colourful tree leaves will end up in the apartment and will turn into small figurines or colourful artworks. But even if you don’t have kids, you can use your creativity to make things from the objects you’ve found in the park or forest during your autumn walk. It is a great idea to collect things in palace parks, which look good especially good in autumn. Discover, for example, the palaces in Füzérradvány, Dég or Martonvásár and their surroundings.

Go to a sauna

There is nothing better than coming back from a long walk to a warm bath or sauna. If you can, travel to a wellness hotel or try the services of the nearest spa for an afternoon. It's great to have a massage if it fits your time and budget. Trust us, your muscles will thank you, especially if you work in front of a computer. 

Climb a lookout

In recent years, quite a few lookout points have been renovated and rebuilt in Hungary. You're sure to find one you haven't visited before. On the one hand, the road leading there will be relaxing and, on the other hand, you can enjoy an incredible view when you reach the top. During weekdays, we can only see as far as the end of the street, especially if we live in a city, so it’s good for our eyes and soul if there are no obstacles or limiting factors in front of you. Contemplating life from the top of a lookout can give you a new perspective on your personal problems, but it will surely clear your head as well.

Listen to stag roaring

A stag roaring tour in the Gemenc forest is a popular activity every autumn. In the rutting season stags start roaring at dawn and finish late in the evening. You can join organised, guided tours also with children. (You can also ride the light train of the Gemenc Forest Railway.) 

Take the chairlift

Did you know that the Zugliget Chairlift (Libegő) is Hungary's first passenger cableway, which has been taking hikers to János Hill and back since 1970? This is one of the capital's most popular sights, which received the name Libegő in a public competition, but you can also try similar chairlifts in Bakony, Eplény, Zemplén, Sátoraljaújhely or at Sástó in Mátra. Make sure you put your layers on!