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Camping in style: the most beautiful “glamping” sites and tree houses in Hungary

Almost everyone has beautiful memories of camping and staying in tents. However, the classic tent or trailer holiday can be upgraded to a luxury level.

There are hardly any people who have never experienced the freedom that open-air camping and a nomadic lifestyle can offer. Making coffee in the shared kitchen or on the gas cooker, walking barefoot from the tent to the waterfront, or sleeping in a sleeping bag – these little things are usually listed among the most beautiful summer experiences and are remembered for a long time. And for those who want more than traditional camping, you can try the experience of luxury camping: glamping.

What is “glamping”?

The word first emerged in the UK around 2005 and it took 10 years for it to make it into the dictionary, in 2016. It was coined by combining the words “glamorous” and “camping,” meaning a luxurious tent that combines closeness to nature and comfort, or even luxury. You can spend our holidays in accommodation equipped with all kinds of comfort but which is nothing like the glass and concrete structures of luxury hotels. Camping becomes a special experience not only for those who liked it to begin with, but also for those who have so far been reluctant to enjoy it for fear of a lack of comfort.


In the footsteps of our ancestors, in modern comfort

The ancient Hungarian yurt tents were rediscovered by glampers in the 21st century, when they combined ancient knowledge with modern amenities. On Dobogókő, for example, you can stay in traditional yurt tents – the way our ancestors lived, in the same space with the whole family. The tents can be winterised with a small wood-burning stove, so guests are welcome in all seasons. You can still keep to your regular hygiene routine, of course, using the bathrooms located in a separate building.

The snow-white yurts lined up on a farm not far from Szeged are truly futuristic, modern forms of accommodation. The opening at the top of the yurt no longer serves to draw the smoke away from the stove (as it did in the ancient Hungarian era), but has become a glass vault through which you can admire the starry sky. The nearby spa offers a thermal pool and massages, while more active visitors can go hiking in the area.

You will find even more futuristic types of accommodation in Noszvaj, where a completely transparent igloo has been created at the height of the tree canopies, with a perfect view of the forest and the stars.


Sleep among the treetops

Built into the tree canopy, this accommodation literally lifts you off the ground and offers a different view of the world. We have known this since childhood, so it is no surprise that we envy those who have their own tree house in the garden. And the good news is that you don't have to give up the experience of elevation, the immediate proximity of nature, and the chirping of birds, as adults. You can stay in tree houses built into the canopies of trees in several parts of the country. In Noszvaj, you can choose not only an elevated tent, but also the luxury suites built among the foliage, which are equipped with the same amenities as four-star hotels. In the double suites recommended for visitors without children, you can experience undisturbed peace and relaxation.

In Verőce, a tree house created for especially environmentally conscious guests awaits. It was constructed largely from recycled, natural materials, and comes with a bicycle; likewise, guests are also asked to mind their ecological footprint. In the garden, you can relax and chat while sitting in a five-person, wood-heated barrel tub. But you can also sleep among the branches of the trees in Bodolybér and Lovasberény near Pécs.



Glamping tents, cave-dwelling, and covered wagons

The Bodolybér eco-camp also offers traditional glamping tents with terraces, with breakfast provided from organic vegetables grown in the campsite’s own garden. Not far from here, in the Mókus Valley in the Mecsek, a converted, old Csepel truck provides accommodation, while in Bükkösd you can spend the night in a real covered wagon. If you want to try the atmosphere of cave dwellings, you can do so in the 300-year-old Sirok, albeit with a modern kitchen and bathroom, in double accommodation overlooking the Mátra. And fans of the Lord of the Rings can be transported into the legendary story for at least one night in the hobbit dwellings in Üröm.