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Do you crave adrenaline? Try the following extreme sports.


There are those who are not satisfied by the excitement and challenge offered by traditional sports. Enthusiasts of extreme sports are looking for opportunities with extra excitement, and fortunately they can find them at popular tourist destinations in Hungary.

Pushing boundaries and raising the level of risk – these are the qualities that extreme sports lovers are always seeking everywhere. Fortunately, there are a number of sports that constantly provide the almost addictive adrenaline rush. But where do you have the opportunity to try sports that offer such extra experiences in Hungary?

Wakeboard: speed on the lake

Thanks to modern ropeways, the basics of wakeboarding can be learned by almost anyone. However, many lovers of this sport, which is especially popular among young people, do not stop here but continue to develop their skills all the way to acrobatic stunts. More and more wakeboarding bases have been built on the natural waters of Hungary. Near Budapest, for example, you can try this extreme water sport at Lake Omszk, Dunaharaszti, Martonvásár or Gyömrő. There are wakeboard tracks in Siófok, Balatonfüred and Vonyarcvashegy around Lake Balaton, and at Lake Velence in the city of Velence. But wakeboard lovers can also indulge in their passion in Kecskemét, Pécs, Győr or Nyíregyháza.


Hiking on climbing trails

The Italian term via ferrata refers to local trails that can be conquered only with the help of installed, fixed cables, ladders, bridges and steps, without which only trained rock climbers could approach them. Although via ferrata hikes do not require proficiency in rock climbing, this sport requires physical endurance, practice and equipment. As routes often lead to high places, it is important that those who struggle with vertigo or dizziness do not try them. Climbing is recommended for children only from the age of 12, and only with the guidance of an experienced adult. The safety equipment attached to the wire ropes, of course, ensures maximum safety, but the rules of the sport must be strictly adhered to. In Hungary, you can try this demanding but spectacular sport in four places – Tatabánya, Csesznek, the Cuha Valley and Sárospatak – on 15 different routes.


Paragliding: the unlimited feeling of freedom

To fly freely like a bird – who hasn’t wished they could do that at least once? Paragliding provides this unlimited experience of freedom under safe conditions. Harnessing the air currents, you can spend hours in the air, flying at an altitude of up to 2,000 metres, up in the clouds. Beginners can learn the basics in courses of a few months, and those already familiar with the sport can practise it in almost any part of the country. Paragliding is possible in and around Budapest, Gödöllő, Gyöngyös, Eger, Tokaj and Hajdúszoboszló, but there are also suitable terrains in Békéscsaba, Pécs, Győr and Sopron.

Going extreme on two wheels

The rough, wide tyres of mountain bikes were invented for the challenges of natural dirt roads. This is exactly what lovers of off-road cycling are attracted to in this sport: speed, the challenges of the terrain, the obstacles and, where appropriate, the weather. Although mountain biking is not allowed on all hiking trails in Hungary, enthusiasts can indulge themselves in this pastime on tracks specially designed for them. In addition to the Eplény Bike Arena, you can find mountain bike routes in Veszprém, Pécs, Sopron and several locations in the Buda Hills. 

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