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The centre of the Sopron wine region isn’t just famous for Blue Frankish and Green Veltliner. In the town of loyalty, you can find real specialities such as Fertő Lake fish soup, bean soup with plums, or Winzer cabbage. While on a gastro-tour in Sopron, you can taste all the diverse and gourmet foods and drinks of one of the oldest towns of Hungary. 

“In vino veritas…”

The most popular wine of the region is definitely the Blue Frankish. Although it’s a really widespread grape variety in the whole country, it has such varied flavours, that choosing from different renowned vineyards (e.g. Spern Steiner or Neuberg), you can pour light and fruity or heady and ripe wine into your glass, according to your preference.


The best addition to a relaxing summer day is the flagship white wine of the wine region, Green Veltliner. However, for supper in autumn and winter, choose a spicy and intense red wine, like Syrah. Silky smooth merlot and light and elegant pinot noir should also be on the agenda when visiting the Sopron wine region. The latter goes well with multiple dishes, and is the ideal souvenir for family members and friends. 

A repository of sweets

If you have a sweet tooth, Harrer Chocolate Factory is probably heaven on earth for you. During a visit to the workshop, you can discover how these magical delicacies are made, and also join a chocolate tasting you will never forget. In case you feel hungry at the end of the hour-long programme, you can do some shopping in the store and the confectionery. They offer a wide range of pastries, truffles, bonbons, dragées or chocolate bars – it’s all in the unique building of the chocolate factory.


Can’t get enough of sweets? End your next meal with chestnut mousse, an extremely popular dessert in Sopron. The castle district and Széchenyi Square are full of great cafés and confectioneries, all waiting for you to explore them when in town. 


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