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In pursuit of wine, sparkling wine and cider in Etyek

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In the Etyek-Buda wine region, which is easily accessible from Budapest, you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and nose some excellent wines. But which wines and other drinks are worth tasting?

The Etyek-Buda wine region, located less than half an hour's drive from the capital, is also called the Hungarian Burgundy. The comparison is no accident: the windy climate and the high-limestone soil are ideal for the grape varieties that are also grown in the famous French wine region, such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. But it’s not just wine that is made here, but also high-quality sparkling wine. Another local specialty is cider, which is popular across Europe and is now being produced in the region more and more.

Easy access

In addition to film fans visiting the Korda Filmpark, Etyek is also a favourite destination for wine lovers and food lovers visiting Budapest: tasty snacks, excellent wines, sparkling wines and cider welcome connoisseurs in the Swabian settlement, which is only a 30-minute drive from Budapest. Etyek is also easily accessible by public transport. Buses leave from Kelenföld railway station every hour, taking you to Etyek village hall in an hour. The village regularly holds wine events and festivals, including the Etyek Piknik, but if you are averse to crowds you can also go on organised wine tours and wine tastings on other days. Connoisseurs can also enjoy specially tailored themed tours, but you can also explore the wine region on your own: wineries, restaurants and bakeries welcome visitors that are raring to taste some local delicacies.

Adventures in the four cellar rows

When visiting Etyek's four most famous cellars, Körpince, Újhegy, Öreghegy and Kecskegödör, as well as tasting wines you can also learn about the secrets of wine, syrup, beer and cheese making. If you want to be on the safe side, book a place in advance at the selected wineries. 


While walking through the cellar rows, it is worth refreshing yourself with light or full-bodied local wines, such as Etyeki Kúria Rosé or White, Nyakas Aligvárom, or the high-quality, traditionally made sparkling wine. Don’t miss out on the locally grown Pinot Noir either. You can satisfy your hunger in taverns that offer class and redefined modern dishes. There is even a Michelin-starred restaurant if you want the best of the best.

Etyek is also famous for its sparkling wines

Sparkling wine production was flourishing in Etyek as far back as the Törley glory days before the Second World War, and grapes were also harvested in Etyek for sparkling wine made in Budafok. The sparkling wines available in the wineries of Etyek aim for the highest quality; the standard of French Champagne. Etyek sparkling wine can only come from local areas, can only be made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris grapes, must be produced using the méthode traditionelle process, and has to be aged in the bottle at least for 24 months. Even guests with the most sophisticated tastes won’t be disappointed in the drinks offered at the wineries here.

A specialty: cider

In addition to wine and sparkling wine, another local specialty is cider, which is fermented apple juice. Although it is produced in a similar way to wine, the result is a bubbly, aromatic drink. This fine refreshing drink was first made in France, but it is also very popular in Great Britain. Cider-making began to spread in Hungary ten to fifteen years ago, and Etyek is one of the best-known sources of quality cider in the country. After a stroll in the authentic, romantic village, it is worth walking up to Újhegy to watch the unforgettable sunset with a glass of wine or cider in hand. From there you can return to the hustle and bustle of the capital.