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Put these summer festivals in your diary now

Campus Festival DebrecenDebrecen and surroundings

Whether it's music, all arts or movement, organised on Orfű, Lake Balaton or Pannonhalma, you'll surely have a great time if you get in the mood for the atmosphere of a summer festival.

ART Piknik – 8–9 June 2024

ART Piknik is a venue where gastronomy and art meet in a very special place: Pannonhalma. The country's most renowned restaurants and catering establishments present food and drink that you will hardly ever find all in one place. An important part of the event is the handicraft fair, where more than 60 producers present their products, from herbs and cheeses to unique home decorations.

Everness Festival – 25 June – 1 July 2024

The Everness Festival in Siófok-Sóstó is synonymous with music, movement, colours, flavours and aromas. The event is organised in the spirit of positive thinking and healthy lifestyle, where you can relax and also progress with self-transcendence. 

Fishing on Orfű – 26–29 June 2024

If you haven't been to Orfű before, it's worth visiting the lakes, but once you are there, make sure to time your visit to sync up with the legendary pop festival.

Balaton Sound – 3–6 July 2024

One of the largest and most colourful outdoor electronic music festivals in Europe, Balaton Sound has been going since 2007 in Zamárdi, right on the shores of Lake Balaton, where you can dance to the best DJs and musicians. 

Zsolnay Light Festival – 4–7 July 2024

The Zsolnay Light Festival has become the highlight of the events offered in Pécs, attracting hundreds of thousands of people. It will be held for the 8th time in 2024.

EFOTT – 10–14 July 2024

The biggest student party in the country will be rocking again at Lake Velence in 2024: fans of retro, alternative, R’n’B and even jazz will find their favourite musical style here. What's more, young talents popular with university students also get a chance to perform on the big stage, and day-time events provide useful advice on university life.

VeszprémFest – 17–20 July 2024

You will have a vibrant artistic experience in Veszprém, the city of queens, where you can enjoy a host of genres, from opera and classical music, to jazz, world music and pop at a wonderful venue.

Valley of the Arts Festival – 19–28 July 2024

The all-arts festival in Kapolcs, Vigántpetend and Taliándörögd invites you for dancing, concerts, handcraft sessions and relaxation in 2024. If you already know that you’re going, you can get your pass at a super discounted price on the website. It is worth it because all previous records were broken in 2023, when 148,000 people visited the Valley of the Arts in ten days. There are activities for all ages: in 2023, the youngest visitor was five weeks old, and the oldest was 84 years. 

Campus Festival – 24–28 July 2024

One of Hungary's biggest pop music and cultural events is held in Debrecen from Wednesday to Saturday as usual. 

Jazz Picnic – 1–3 August 2024

Three days of jazz, funk, pop and soul, jubilant picnic experience and high spirits at the Jazz Picnic in Paloznak. The festival of "Great Encounters" welcomes you in 2024 on the side of the Paloznak vineyard.

Sziget Festival – 7–12 August 2024

It's unbelievable to realise that 2024 is the Sziget Festival’s thirtieth anniversary. Just as every year, Budapest will explode for this week in 2024, as many Hungarian and foreign visitors bring tents and become Sziget citizens in to see live music and performances and eat and drink at all kinds of places. 

Bor, Mámor, Bénye (Wine, Delight, Bénye) Festival – 8–11 August 2024

Lie down on the grass, stroll among the old buildings and have a glass of cold Furmint in the arbour! Special people and late-night conversations – this is the Wine, Delight, Bénye Festival, held in the gardens of Erdőbénye with its unique atmosphere.