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Something old, something new: a walk in downtown Pécs

Downtown PécsPécsPécs region

Pécs is a very popular destination, offering everything a tourist could want. Visitors can walk along cobblestone shopping streets, visit numerous listed heritage buildings and museums, and then just relax on the terraces of busy restaurants and cafés.

You will find listed historic buildings on literally every corner of central Pécs. Discover the religious heart of the town: enjoy a journey through time while you visit Dóm tér and the neighbouring Cella Septichora Visitor Centre, with its early Christian tombs. Enter the massive cathedral of Pécs, built hundreds of years ago, and while you are here, take the opportunity to climb up into the tower, from where you can admire the breathtaking view of the town. When you leave the church, head over to the Barbakán gardens and try to find the statue of Janus Pannonius under the canopy of the almond trees.

Mediterranean city centre

Ottoman rule, Ottoman relics

The buildings that have remained here from the Ottoman Era are an inherent part of the town and contribute to its beauty. The most famous of these relics is, of course, the Mosque of Pasha Qasim on Széchenyi tér, which was later turned into a Christian church. Make sure you also pay a visit to the Mosque of Pasha Yakovali Hassan and the tall minaret attached to it, which together are the best conserved example of Islamic heritage architecture in Hungary, and are still visited by Muslims living in the area during the times of Ramadan to this day. The town is famous for its other Ottoman historic monuments, and there are also several Ottoman wells around town.

Home of the arts

Are you a fine arts aficionado? Then the town’s many exciting museums make this the perfect place for you to visit. Káptalan utca – called the “street of museums” by locals – is the place where you will find, for example, the Amerigo Tot Museum, the Renaissance lapidary, the Zsolnay Museum, the Victor Vasarely Museum and the Modern Hungarian Gallery.

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