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Summer, theatre and magic at the Szeged Open-air Festival

Szeged Open-air FestivalSzeged Szeged region

Szeged offers superb programmes during the summer, for example the Szeged Open-air Festival. The repertoire is very diverse each year, and the location has an unrivalled uniqueness, as the performances are held on Dome Square, under the stars.

Although most of the university students travel home as summer begins, don’t be afraid of arriving at a deserted town, when coming to Szeged. Quite the contrary: you will find vibrant life even during the hottest months. Only one example: the internationally renowned Szeged Open-air Festival is a summer event with hand-picked performances in a wonderful environment.

Theatre under the stars

Unforgettable cultural experiences under the stars? That’s exactly what you get if buy tickets for the Szeged Open-air Festival. Contemporary and classic masterpieces are performed in Dome Square, with the majestic church becoming part of the scenery. The stars in the sky will impress you more than any stunning theatre ceiling.

Magic on the stage for all generations

Among the programmes of Szeged Open-air Festival, you can always find performances suitable for the whole family, but if you happen to visit the Southern Great Plain with adult friends or family, or just as a couple, you can choose from great plays and musicals or even comedies.


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