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The birthplace of the wine of kings

The first written record mentioning the vineyards of Tokaj-Hegyalja dates from 1251, while in 1737, a wine classification system was introduced in the area.

Tokaj-Hegyalja has a system of wine appellation, meaning that grapes, must or wine from other wine regions cannot be found or imported here, unless they are already in bottled form. The long, humid, sunny autumn characteristic of the region is favourable for the raisining and botrytisation of ripe grape berries, thanks to which the Aszú, Furmint and Hárslevelű wines with extreme comlexity and an amazing balance of acidity, sugar and alcohol are produced here. Muscat Blanc, Zéta, Kövérszőlő, and Kabar are also grown in the region. Besides Tokaj, the namesake of the region, the settlements most famous for growing these grapes are Tarcal, Mád, Tállya, Tolcsva and Erdőbénye.

Numerous programmes are organised around viniculture

Local winemakers introduce the prime vineyards of the region on panoramic walks coupled with picnics, but separate wine buses are also available to take anyone interested to special wine tastings or wine dinners. The region is full of opportunities for wine lovers and others alike: the vineyards can be traversed on foot, by bicycle, by four-wheel-drive vehicles or even by Segway! If you get hungry, try the premium gastronomic experiences offered by the creative kitchens of new wave restaurants! Hungary’s best restaurant outside Budapest, and the winner of numerous awards, is situated in Encs, which has outgrown itself into a sort of culinary pilgrimage site, but excellent restaurants can also be found in Mád, Tarcal, Tállya, Sárospatak, and Mezőzombor.

The famous Tokaji Essencia

It is not Aszú wine that is used in the production of various skin care products, but rather Tokaji esszencia (essence), which is a nectar mainly containing sugars and amino acids. This significantly improves the circulation in and the absorption of the skin, making it more supple as a result.

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